You have a vagina, You are a girl, You are a Minority, You are a Woman, You are Travelling Alone, Walking along, You are Weak -YET YOU ARE NOT ALONE !

Prying eyes of men follow you around. They assume that our vagina’s are a lottery price. Waiting to be exploited ! They believe that thrusting their manhood against our consent is a sign of their masculinity.

Women have to question their existence and regret being a woman. Society treats women like a fragile treasure. A treasure of every home, every family – waiting to be stolen and flaunted as a conquest won !


If you think a known person canโ€™t rape a girl then you are wrong 93% of rape cases are committed by a known person. You know that creepy uncle or cousin who is always extra touchy. They are more than likely to take things too far under the name of “it’s our secret beti / didi”!


Credit : Hans India

Nearly, 0.4% of the girls below the age of 6 years old are victims of rape. A school-going girl of 10-12 years who doesnโ€™t even know the meaning of rape is also its victim. If you think older women of age 50 -60 are safe then the answer is No ! Nearly 2.6% of women of this age group are the victims.

So can someone explain how it is ‘that’ the time of the day, the clothes we wear, the places we walk – the real reason?

I think it’s pretty clear that men aren’t looking at our short mini skirts. They aren’t looking at their watches and thinking oh its rape ‘o’ clock at night. They aren’t looking at she is asking for it. Because surely children ain’t asking for it, and nor are women of any age ! The only consistent factor in all this is – a vagina and an assertion of misplaced masculinity.

We live in a society full of monsters ! If men choose to validate their insecurities or masculinity that’s on them, not on your vagina !

Look at the irony, fertility is celebrated, yet our vagina’s which are the conduits of that fertility is ravaged by the same men who glorify reproduction.


Credit : Times of India

From Afghanistan, to the USA to India- all around the world rape is under reported. The reason being the stigma and shame attached to the act itself.

In Afghanistan, honor killings cover up rape. In India, it’s the shame, who will marry you ? The focus is on how “you” the victim are shameful. How you are somehow tainted, deflowered, ruined and defiled. The focus is not on how sick the perpetrator is. Why should we be shamed?

Shame them !

Before the rape, you were attractive and seducing! After the rape you are disgusting and vile !

Don’t you think it is high time you objectify your raging hormones than us or our vaginas !

These things are just disturbing! Itโ€™s my request to all the parents please teach your sons, that every girl walking alone on the road is your responsibility, not an opportunity!