Don’t Ignore Fragrance In Cosmetics!


Are you one of those people who love to check out how a product smells. Do you often repurchase a cosmetic product just because it smells divine? If this sounds like you, keeping reading.

I am sure we have all come across products who claim to be clean and organic. We check the ingredients and we see nothing out of the ordinary. Ofcourse, there is a percentage of fragrance but so what ? Smelling great is the way to go. Little do we realize that these fragrance filled bottles are hiding much more than just a scent.

Why Should We Swear Against Fragrance?

Firstly, Fragrance is not just plain old aroma or scents. The label of fragrance covers up for a whole lot of chemicals that fall under the same category. Stabilizers, preservatives, solvents and dyes are all mixed in some way to bring out the fragrance in the product. Most of these hidden additions to our cosmetic products can lead to cancer and even harm reproductivity as well.

Basically to understand this better, just understand that in order to make fragrances companies use chemicals. These chemicals are or would be normally classified as allergens and even neurotoxins, not to mention dreaded phthalates.

Now you must be thinking, what does it matter it’s just skin. But you are wrong, these pesky chemicals can at times absorb even into the blood stream. This just makes them all the more worse. Even if you are a healthy person with healthy skin, products with these ingredients can trigger your allergies and health problems. 

Substitute These Fragrances!


Some companies use essential oil in cosmetics for a pleasant aroma. One of the main reasons for its demand is that it is a natural ingredient. In today’s time, people are understanding the importance of natural products, and how chemical-based products are harming their skin and health. 

Essential oils are not only used in the production of some cosmetics but also used idly for different skincare routines. Thus, these oils are considered a good for your skin without any harmful effects.


If you can find a ‘no’ fragrance products then that’s the best alternative. Some people don’t have that obsession with aromatic cosmetics. This option is best for them. This will keep them at the lowest risk of any skin problem or health issues due to the usage of cosmetics. You can also opt for clean beauty or green, blue products.


Nothing can beat nature and its purity. By nature, I mean go for natural products. They may seem more expensive but you are worth it all! If you don’t want to go this route, then take out some time to go natural at home itself. There are a bunch of DIY masks, mascaras and other options you can try without taking any risks with pesky chemicals.

Disclaimer :

While these options are a great way to start just make sure that you still keep an eye out for the pesky chemicals. It’s not unheard of even essential oils have ‘fragrance’ depending on who is selling the product. So be wary, do your research !