Abortion Ban In Texas- The Ruling That Shook Us All!


Once again we witnessed a law that was ready to wring our rights. A law that tells us that we cannot make choices with our bodies.

On 1st September 2021, the Texas Heartbeat Act went into effect. This law prohibits abortion after six months of pregnancy. That’s when most women stay unaware of their pregnancy. Under this law, private citizens have the right to sue abortion providers. Also, they can sue anyone who helps a woman in this process. For cases relating to rape or incest, the law does not make any exceptions.

This harsh law has revived the debate on women’s reproductive rights. Many abortion-rights activists are challenging this law by raising their voices and questioning this extreme law. For how long do governments take control over our reproductive choices? This extreme anti-abortion law has made women’s rights outcry over the US supreme court. Keep reading to know what makes the Texas Abortion Law strictest nationwide.

Breaking Down This New Law

Gov. Greg Abott signed the Texas Heartbeat Act on Wednesday. According to the law, once an ultrasound detects the heartbeat in a foetus, no woman can seek an abortion. Normally the heartbeat is detected in six weeks of pregnancy. However, most abortions take place after six weeks of pregnancy. 

Many states have tried to implement such an abortion ban before. But those were blocked by federal courts every time. This time it seems arduous to challenge the abortion law. The Texas law empowers individuals to sue anyone involving in illegal abortions. This is specifically to sue those who make money out of illegal abortions. Also, rewarding them at least $10,000 for successfully suing abortion providers and helpers. 

Consequences Of Abortion Ban

Abortion rights groups doing all they can to strike down the law violating the reproductive rights of women. Whereas Texas Right To Life was thrilled with the ruling. They even set up a website called prolifewhistleblower.com– a website for people to suggest tips to enforce the new law. But they spammed it with fake tips and it crashed eventually.

Although women seeking abortions are free from these lawsuits. But the law prevailed confusion and panic among women seeking abortions on Thursday. Patients are in tears. Crying for help, crossing states to seek an abortion, and some are ending pregnancies by themselves. 

Ban Of Our Bodies

Credit: Gayatri Malhotra

On Thursday, President Joe Biden slammed the Supreme Court’s decision. He warned about ‘unconstitutional chaos’ due to the abortion ban. Also said to ensure safe and legal abortion for women in Texas with the help of the Health Department and Justice Department. 

Not everyone can make it out of state to get a safe and legal abortion. So, it’s a matter of concern for those. There are a lot of questions to be answered after this decision. What will happen next? Will other states try to pass similar laws? The protest is still underway. Flood of donations flowing into abortion funds and reproductive rights groups. Abortion rights group protesting against the law.

People with no uterus are making laws for those who have. It’s heartbreaking to see women fighting to have the right to make decisions for their bodies. Texas has the nation’s most restrictive law. Giving private citizens the power to prevent women from getting an abortion is the worst. The moment a woman would get to know she is pregnant, the abortion becomes illegal. Does it even make sense? In Texas, abortion is no more a human right. Let us know what you think of this law in Texas in the comment section below. 

The main issue is not whether the law was squashed but the fact that it even came into effect for a few minutes. We live in progressive time they say, do we ?