Dealing With Miscarriage & Loss

Credit : Kathmandu Post


A miscarriage is every woman’s biggest fear. Its is overwhelming and can be the toughest time in our lives. In some cases, miscarriage happens even before a women knows she is pregnant. But that is no consolation to many of us. In other cases, a miscarriage happens when the embryo is not able to sustain itself due to numerous reasons.

We suffer with anxiety, stress and depression. The pain in our hearts is sharp. Sometimes we blame ourselves and sometimes we lose ourselves. But we need to understand that, its not our fault. Its okay to not be okay. The trauma is real and it not our fault. There are so many reasons that miscarriage happens and YOU are not one of them !

Unfortunately, miscarriages are very common. In detected pregnancies, miscarriage occurs up toย  10% to 15%. Although for those who have suffered one, two, or even three miscarriages, there is light ahead of the tunnel. There is a huge chance that you will have a healthy pregnancy afterward.

Below are some common causes and symptoms of miscarriages that you may need to know to understand better.

Causes Of Miscarriages :

  1. Chromosome Abnormalities

2. Hormone Issues like PCOS

3. Unhealthy or poor diet

4. Infection

5. Diabetes or Thyroid Diseases

6. Uterus or Cervix Issues

Other risk factors may include- older age, stress, drugs and alcohol intake, and previous miscarriages.

Miscarriage Symptoms :

1. Vaginal Bleeding

2. Abdomen Cramping

3. Severe or intense lower back Pain

4. Fever

If you notice any of these signs or symptoms during your pregnancy, do contact your doctor. They may do some tests to make sure everything is fine with your pregnancy journey.

Debunking Miscarriage Myths

Despite all the information available here on the internet and doctors have, there are still some common myths around miscarriage.

Exercise and sex are associated with miscarriages, but there is no evidence to support these claims. Even doctors suggest exercises for a successful pregnancy journey. However, some types of exercise may not be appropriate for pregnant women. If you are pregnant, consider your doctor which practices are suitable for you.

Another misconception is that one miscarriage means another one is on its way. This is far from the truth. There is always the chance the next cycle will result in a healthy pregnant.

Miscarriage does not require medical attention. This is the most dangerous of them all. If you suspect a miscarriage, schedule a doctors appointment. You will need to make sure that tissue doesn’t remain inside your uterus as result of the miscarriage.

You notice bleeding and immediately your mind thinks miscarriage. This is not the only reason. Many women continue to experience bleeding or spotting well into their pregnancy. You should talk to a doctor before assuming the worst.

Mental Health & Miscarriage

Itโ€™s a silent battle many women of color fight.ย Many women of color have to face nosy aunties who tell us we are the reason of the miscarriage, that we did something wrong. But this is not true. Not to mention, some of us need to understand that it’s okay to take a break. Our society makes us feel we need to get back into our Trying To Conceive Journey (TTC) but does not have to be the case.

What is most important is that you put your needs first at this time. Its okay to not feel anything. Its okay to feel a lot of things . Whatever, is your situation listen to your heart and mind. Find happiness in whatever you choose to do, its your body – CLAIM IT !

If you choose to continue on your TTC journey, we wish you the best !