Top Clean Beauty Products

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Clean Beauty just like its name means ‘clean’. These products are not filled with toxins that are harsh . These are unlike other products that do more damage than repair to your skin. Unfortunately, many brands claim to be clean but they are not. If you are looking at the ingredient section on the label, if you see ‘fragrance’ that is your cue. The word fragrance is just a cover up for a bunch of other unhealthy toxins. So be wary !

What you really need and deserve are cosmetic brands that do away with parabens, BHT, BHA and ethanolamines not to mention phthalates. These are the words you need to keep a lookout for.

Why Clean Beauty ?

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Anything and everything you apply on your skin is absorbed into your body. This means that every skincare product you use ultimately finds its way inside your body. If the product contains toxins or chemicals they enter your body as well. The result could be cancer or even birth defects.

That being said, we bring you the top most clean beauty brands !

Ilia Beauty

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Ilia Beauty brings skincare and makeup together to create that flawless beauty product we all love. This brand strives for ” conscious, carefully-selected ingredients, and no compromises”. This makes it a beauty brand to reckon with ! The products are non toxic and natural. They also use safe synthetics. What’s more, this brand is made for women of color and have shades to match every skin tone.

Farmacy skincare

From farm-sourced ingredients to no parabens or sulfates this brand represents clean beauty like no other. You literally have to try this brand to believe it. While the brand focuses on clean beauty they also big on sustainability. They plan on zero waste  packaging by 2022 and 100 per cent natural ingredients as well. We are not complaining !

Bare minerals

Credit : Bare Minerals UK

This brand began the clean beauty revolution all the way back in 1995. They launched their first ever mineral foundation and there was no going back from there. Since then , the brand is constantly working to provide all us girls with clean beauty that is nourishing and free from chemicals. The brand uses botanical extracts to ensure they stand by their clean beauty pledge. What’s more, the brand has been mentioned in many best products lists by magazines like Allure since 2014.

Need we say more !

Tatcha Beauty

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They are the firm believers in ‘less is more’ ! This beauty brand is formulated using the best of natural ingredients that are great for all skin types. The brand promises its consumers┬ánon-irritating, non-sensitizing and cruelty-free products.


Credit : Cowshed

Free from parabens and never tested on animals. This is a great brand to check out. The products are made in England and have essential oils in the mix. What is interesting about this brand is their choice to use wildcrafted plant extracts. Definitely a win-win we say !

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