Cheap Makeup Is Expensive

By Rahael Mathew

We all love a great deal, right? A Rs 800 lipstick is a steal when compared to a Rs 2300 product. I can save tons and allocate my budget to other things with this discount or brand. But what does this really cost me? Allow me to break down the costs of choosing a lower priced makeup brand.

The Cost of Ingredients

Organic makeup is always highly priced in the market. The reason is because organic products ingredients are derived from organic sources that are hard to source. Not to mention organic products have a considerably lower shelf life than their counterparts. It’s simple, toxic chemical base makes these products easier to make. So, while, the overall cost of ingredients plays a role in the product price, there is more than meets the eye. These products are more toxic and likely to cause skin reactions and cancer.

Packaging Plays a Role

Cheap makeup brands have no other option than to opt for plastic that is toxic to the environment to maintain costs. And while, you may think why that matters to you, it does! By choosing to opt for toxic based plastic packaging, the environment pays the price. These products are difficult to recycle impacting the global waste problems. If not made by biodegradable carboard or bamboo the products packaging will land in the landfill cause toxic waste concerns. Just imagine if every one of us purchased 9 non-recyclable products, that’s a zillion products around the world contributing to the waste dilemma.

Toxic Ingredients

That Rs.800 lipstick that seems to be flawless, really isn’t! If you look closer at the ingredients you will notice work like fragrance, formaldehyde, coal tar and different versions of parabens. The clever brands, however, ensure that their list of ingredients have hidden ingredients and meanings. Nothing is what it really seems. Think about it, if the average cost of procuring the ingredients mentioned in the list is more than the total cost of the item itself. That should explain the rest.


Certain brands ride the duplication train. Using formula’s that are known to work but haven’t been tested by the brand itself. If it has been tested, it was for different purpose or usage need. While tested formulae may have worked for another brand or product, one should not assume it can be used with other ingredient combinations. If the research is not duplicated, then there is still the fear of the brand being duplicated. We have all heard of first copies right ? Third party businesses sometimes take a brand’s name, label and rebrand their own products and sell the same.

“Beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin.”

 Shu Uemura

This is why the next time you choose to buy something that is cheap a) do your research and b) think about your skin. Sometimes just asking the simple question of ” How come this brand is selling this for cheap while other brands aren’t able to the same? ” . The answer could be lesser profits and more sales, more marketing or in the worst case cheap chemical ingredients. So, save yourself a trip to the dermatologist and choose the right brand for your need!