ABORTION: Is It A Human Right ?

Credit : AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)


The sad truth is that women like you and me are held against the personal choice. Political agendas govern our intimate choices. We face bullying, discrimination and imprisonment. The big question is will things change ?

Women Of Color

Women of color are becoming more aware of their reproductive rights. However, abortion continues to be a taboo. Sadly, political agenda continues to block our need for choices.

Credit : Mosaic Sciences

The choice to continue pregnancies is not ours to make. Despite, this right to our choice political agendas steer the ship for many colored women.  Unfortunately, women of color are the most marginalized in this regard. The societal taboo of the indian society holds back this choice ! Aunties tell us that is it a ‘disgrace’!. Furthermore, religion fails to support us.

According to society choosing abortion labels us as murderers. The fear of this societal backlash results in unsafe abortion practices.  It is this shame holding us back and society brings no relief ! 

Abortion Barriers For Queer People

Sadly, people identifying as queer are more marginalized. No matter who you are, abortion is governed by male dominating voices. Queer people face discrimination from the healthcare system everyday. It is sad that abortion is a tool for oppressors. From insurance to welcoming environment getting an abortion is not easy.

Finally, there is a major barrier for women to access abortion facilities. This includes  lack of access to healthcare, stigma, and bias in healthcare provision. Pro-life activists, reproductive rights advocates, and LGBTQ activists are fighting . Hopefully, access to abortion services will become affordable and accessible. This should be available for anyone without discrimination ! 

REMINDER: It is your right to make these choices wherever you live. Regardless of your gender, race, or ethnicity !