Women Trafficking- A Shame To Humanity!

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In India, human trafficking or modern slavery is one of the fastest-growing crimes.  Article 23 of the Indian Constitution prohibits any kind of human trafficking and forced labour. Still many people in India practice such a heinous crime. It’s observed that most women and minors become victims of this crime. They are trafficked for various purposes like sexual & economic exploitation, forced marriage, or domestic work.

Although almost every country has traffickers who kidnap, sell, and coerce women and girls for sexual purposes, or commercial gains. Human trafficking not only happens within a country, traffickers buy women and smuggle them to a new country. They are even raped and abused by their escorts and sold into prostitution. Some of them are used as domestic servants while some are being traded to organ traffickers. 

According to a survey in 2018, India stood at 1st position for

‘Most Dangerous Country For Women’.

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But many opposed and denied this survey. There is no doubt that violence against women of color is so widespread. Women begin to face discrimination from the moment they come to this world. Especially women in rural areas who are deprived of education rights face much discrimination. This is one of the major reasons why the female literacy rate lags.

Recent human trafficking cases revealed that western coastal states of India are where traffickers transfer victims, promising them a job, for human trafficking. The lack of education and poverty is one of the major reasons for domestic violence, unemployment, gender inequality,  and human rights exploitation.

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For how long do women and children have to face such tortured days? For how long patriarchal culture will oppress women of color? In 2021, many human trafficking cases came forward. Many victims are rescued from different states. Many traffickers from India and abroad got arrested. This means sex trafficking/human trafficking continued in lockdown too. The seed of immortality is germinating day by day, ruining the lives of thousands of people. Does humanity exist in the devil’s mind? 

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Change happens more through cultural changes than through laws. This includes changing a culture that breeds violence against women, poverty, and human trafficking. Education is of no use if you don’t know how to act like a human. Let the first lesson of education teach us about humanity. 

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