Women Drowning Women


We are entering the fifth wave of feminism. While women are fighting for equality with patriarchy, some of us are trapped in an internal fight. Women fighting women. We are judged! We are looked down upon! We are expected to follow orthodox norms! Not just by men, but women too. 

The Nasty Truth!

Most of you would agree with me on the following statements. I bet you’ve heard them before. “I enjoy making guy-friends more than girls”. “I prefer working with men because they don’t judge me on every single thing. Whether my dress is too flashy! My lipstick is too dark! The way I walk or talk or sit or smile is inappropriate! ARGHH!”. “My mom keeps telling me I must learn household chores because “Kal Ko Dusre Ghar Jana Hai Beta”. 

This is what my mom said to me once. “Ladkiya Sacrifice Nahi Karengi Toh Ghar Kaise Chalega?” I can’t imagine asking my daughter to sacrifice and stay married to someone who lets her. To be honest, I understand my mom and I have a generation gap that’s a little difficult to bridge. I’d be much happier if my mom taught me to fight for my rights.

You and I have seen our mothers and grandmothers silently tolerate women objectification, female oppression and despotism. Isn’t that exactly why they must teach us not to tolerate it?

Should We Straighten Her Crown Or Drag Her Down ?

Hold back for a minute and think about your insecurities. Now think of people who shamed you for the same. I am sure not all of them are men. In Fact, most of them will be women in your life. Women you are close to. Your best friend, your mother, your sister, your parlour wali didi! To win the battle of feminism, we not only need to understand its true meaning but also hold each other’s back. 

Next time you see a woman struggling with her insecurities, tell her “I got you”. 

Don’t write mean things on their social media. 

Support women-oriented businesses. 

Appreciate your girl gang. 

We are beautiful when we see beauty in others !