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It your bff’s wedding and you are scrambling to look your best ? Being a bride’s best friend puts a lot of pressure on you. While you are super excited and wanna look stunning, you don’t want to over do your look.
You have everything planned, but when it comes to style your hair, your mind goes blank.

Your confused which hairstyle suits you ? You wonder what options are easy yet stylish ? Well, fret no more , we have curated the top 4 most easy stylish hairstyles for you !

Ingredients :

Brush, comb, hairspray, Ponytail Holder and Hair Accessories including a jewel hair

Damsel In Pin-Ups !

This is a very simple and classic Pin up hairstyle. This amazing hairstyle keeps you fuss free. It suits every girl no matter your face shape. It looks beautiful on all the ethnic attires as well. So, it is your best best to stay glam with ease.

In these simple steps, you can easily get this hairstyle;

  • First you have to blow dry your hair and slightly curl them to the ends.
  • Just twist some section of the hair to the backside.
  • And fix them with hair clips or pins and hair spray.
  • And give them a more beautiful look by putting crown pearl floral accessories.

Messy Fishtail Braid

Credit : Manasa Makeup

This is the most casual braid hairstyle. Wearing braided hairstyles at weddings is always very classy. A perfect match for all your ethnic outfits. Plus, when you are tired after all the fun, it is very easy to remove the braid.

You have to follow these simple steps :

  • First comb your hair properly.
  • Curl your hair in loose waves.
  • Braid the hair freely, using the regular braiding method.
  • For a messy look just put out some sections of the braid in little bits.
  • Use hair pins and hair spray for fixing the hair.
  • Use some beautiful hair accessories on the braid to add the glam on.

Bake Away Buns

If you love a bun this is a easy way to look elegant. This bun not only has your hair out of the way but with a braid this ups your look from simple to fun.

Follow these simple steps;

  • First start with making a french braid on the side.
  • As you reach lower, use the remaining hair to round itself into a bun.
  • Add some jewell hair bands to the start of the bun.
  • You can also section out a part of your hair, and create a bun with the remaining. Once you are done you can braid the small section of hair and wrap it around the bun as well.

Messy The New Classy :

Whether it is a fishtail braid or a plain bun, going messy is always in. The sense of messy hair do’s give the look a carefree style. You can choose to leave your hair loose in messy curls. It could be a bun with no discipline. We won’t rule out the fishtail messy braid with accessories. No matter what you choose, the result will be timeless. With no set structure or method you are held to no standard or definition of updo to follow.