Wardrobe Secrets To Look Classy

Credit : StyleCastor


Clothes are something that defines your personality. They are the eyes to our personalities. What we wear is most often what we are remembered for. However, most people often struggle to find their style. What they don’t always know it no matter what colors they choose, there are only three magical colors that can up their game.

If you are looking to make your wardrobe look classy and effortless with almost no effort, keep reading !

All you have to do is get three colors that magically uplift any wardrobe into a voguish affair of finesse. These are those magical shades :


A color that looks beautiful on every skin tone and makes your personality look hundred times sexier. Black is a color that is loved by most of the people if you don’t feel like getting ready you can wear a simple black T-shirt, if you don’t have any matching jeans just wear a simple black jeans or leggings as it goes with most of the outfits. You have probably heard the saying, when it doubt go black! Well that’s all you need to really do.
Invest in a good material black tee, leggings and black cap. Also, having a black purse and black pants are a plus.

Whitish Creme:

One of the most decent and elegant colors is white. It can make anyone look heavenly. No wonder it is the color of many brides around the world. This color instantly ups the look and makes it look refreshing. While it may get dirty easily, this is the exact reason why this is worn to come off as expensive. Its all in the mind ! Adding textures to your white outfits like pearls and lace immediately makes it look more delicate. You may want to invest in a white cotton tee, white pant and a summer dress. You can never go wrong with this. Not to mention, “woh pyar hi kya jo dard na de”! when it comes to keeping your pristine whites clean as ever ! 


A subtle tint of pastel and instantly you look expensive and classy. Jarring colors are often bright and make the viewer far from relaxed. Serene breezy summer lilacs always give the air of classiness. Browns, light pink, sky blue and lilacs are always in. For example, donning a nude coat with a pair of white pants is always a pro move. Being a neutral shade it looks good on every skin tone . It is a must for every wardrobe as this shade looks extra beautiful on brown and darker skin tones.

Here is a gallery of how you can style your wardrobe to look effortlessly classy and original!