Vaginal Discharge 101

Credit : Insider


We, Vagina owners have a lot to worry about. Especially when it comes to discharge. Throughout the cycle, we get a variety of vaginal discharges. It is sticky. And discolors our cute panties!

But I think it is a super power! Don’t you think so? Being able to bleach your underwear, indeed, is a super power. And yes! Totally healthy!

If the color of your panties wore off, it means you have a healthy vagina! A healthy vagina maintains a natural pH value between 3.8 to 4.5, which is acidic in nature. So naturally, this acid leaves a patch behind. And the color of our panties wears off!

Nothing to be ashamed about having a healthy vagina!

Now being said that, you may still need to keep a track of your vaginal discharge. The color and consistency of a vaginal discharge tells a lot about your health.

Waste no time, and lets learn about our vaginas! Shall we?

White Discharge

Now there are several shades of whites, but white and liquidy, often clear discharge means that your vagina is healthy with a maintained pH. It could also be seen as a sign of healthy lubrication.

The consistency may get a bit more slippery and clearer when women ovulate.

And if your white discharge looks a lot like cottage cheese with a strong odor. It is time to go see your doctor. As it may indicate that you have a yeast infection.

One of the very common ways to get a yeast infection is through douching.

Ladies, let me be very honest when I say that we have supernatural powers. Because yes, we do! Our vaginas clean themselves. We don’t need no douche. Douching actually throws off the healthy level of pH. Leading to irritation, itching, and yeast infection.

And no, your vaginas should not smell like cookies. It should smell like a vagina.

So, stop douching before it is too late.

Pink Discharge

A discharge that is in the shades of pink or orange may indicate that your period is around the corner. Some women also experience spotting when they are about to get their period.

However, a pink or orange discharge may suggest signs of withdrawal bleeding from the morning after pill.

Women who are on regular contraception may also experience a very light period, which may resemble the shades of pink or orange. In some cases, this color may show early signs of pregnancy.

Yellow Discharge

Go See a Doctor!

If your discharge is in the shades of yellow or green. You may have bacterial infection or probably even a STI.

A yellow discharge may also indicate change in your diet. However, it is always best to see your doctor in case of any doubts.

Red Discharge

A red discharge simply means that you are on your period. Shades of red may differ depending on your diet or medications.

A darker shade of red may indicate the end of the cycle or residual blood. In cases of postpartum bleeding, a miscarriage or abortion, a darker shade of red or maroon can be seen.

When to see a Doctor?

In case of any doubt, it is always advisable to go see a doctor. If you notice fishy, off colored discharge , I would see a doctor. Why take a risk right? After all, you know your body best. If something seems off, use that gut feeling to make the right choice.

The guide is also to spread awareness with regards to different kinds of vaginal discharge. This in no way substitutes medical intervention.