Quick Guide To Getting Pregnant Fast



Planning to start your ‘ Trying to Conceive’ ( TTC) journey ? You have come to the right place.

This article is all about the first steps you need to take in direction of your new goal. Disclaimer would be if you have a pre existing condition like endometriosis or blocked fallopian tubes you may want to consider speaking to a specialist.

However, if you are not sure reading this may help. Everyone’s TTC journey is unique and sometimes hard.

For all the hopeful soon to be moms here is is blanket guide.

  1. Folic and Prenatal Vitamins – Very important first step. Folic Acid is critical for cell division and prevents neural tube defects very early on in a pregnancy. Other vitamins like B12, C, D, E are also important. Speak to your gynaecologist to help choose the right prenatal vitamin.
  2. Try to shed some weight- Not saying overweight means you cannot conceive. If diagnosed with PCOD, getting pregnant and being overweight can be difficult. Research shows that a drop in BMI can lead to higher rates of pregnancy . That being said if you do not have PCOD, consider the possibility of gestational diabetes. The same goes for those who are underweight, consult a doctor to understand where you stand based on your body composition.
  3. Stop Smoking & Drinking – That extra glass of wine sure is calming, but can harm a growing fetus. Studies have shown women who smoke extensively have a lower chance of getting pregnant faster.
  4. Caffeine – Most of us cannot imagine kick starting our day without that cup of bliss. But going overboard with caffeine can lead to a higher rate of miscarriage.
  5. Exercise Baby – Getting in 10-30 minutes of moderate exercise can boost fertility. Not to mention, Yoga is great at reducing stress which can help your TTC journey.
  6. Change Up Your Diet- Add greens like Kale and Arugula to up your iron intake. Consider antioxidants as well. Check out our guide to a great smoothie that is best for your TTC journey – https://browngirlgossip.com/smoothie-beauty-drinks-healthy-nutritious/

This is your ultimate blanket list of to dos’ to kick start your TTC journey. For more on these topics stay tuned loves.