Top 5 Bollywood Celebs Who Broke Stereotypes


From a woman’s birth to death, society has an indefinite list of stereotypes. As what
a woman should do or should not do. At which age she has to marry or not, whom she has to marry.


When it comes to Bollywood, the actresses are always ahead and set the tone for breaking norms in style. Bollywood actresses make their own decisions. They believe in living their life in their own way. Instead of trying to become “Poo” and become Kareena.

Here are top bollywood celebs who broke societal stereotypes:


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Tabassum Fatima, popularly known as “Tabu.” She is one of the most gorgeous and
brilliant actors of bollywood. She achieved great success in her career as an actress. She
turns 50 today, even though her marital status is single. She broke the stereotype
that women must get married. She proved that women don’t need marriage to make it in the world.

Priyanka Chopra

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Priyanka Chopra Jonas is the most stunning actress of Bollywood and now a global star. Being an overachiever meant not only acing in her career but also while setting new societal norms.
Priyanka Chopra not only made her own niche internationally, but she also set the tone for true love having no bounds. She didn’t marry earlier, she focused on her career and made it to the top. If this does not inspire you then keeping reading. This global star married her true love Nick Jones who is much younger to her. She also broke the norm that marriage should be between one caste or religions. 10 years gap between these two sweethearts along with the distance of tradition and culture did not stop her from following her heart.

Kareena Kapoor Khan

Kareena kapoor Khan is an Indian actress. In her acting career, she is known for making many films a blockbuster. Apart from her career she is an active voice when it comes to women empowerment. She supports women empowerment on her show “What Women

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But this is not the only reason why she is in our top list. Kareena Kapoor also chose to let her heart define her marital life. She married Saif Ali Khan. A divorced man, 11 years older to her and from a different religion. But this was not going to hold her back from choosing to create a home with this star. She smashed societies bickering with her bold move to choose the most perfect life partner for herself. Not to mention the fact that she also choose to not rush with starting a family of her now. Now a mother to two boys, Kareena Kapoor shows us that everything is possible if you want it .

Malaika Arora

Bollywood actress Malaika Arora is known for her dance moves in the industry. She has sets the screen on fire with her passionate to dance and we haven’t even begun talking about her fitness goals. This actress is a divorcee. While society would expect her to hide in a corner with the label of divorcee hanging over her, she believed otherwise. Her separation from her ex husband did not mean the end of her love life. Actor Arjun Kapoor shares the same sentiment. Dating each other, meant challenging the norm of what a divorcee is ALLOWED to do. We love it !

Sushmita Sen

She is one of the brightest actresses. She has done amazing work in the Bollywood
industry. Beside this she is a single mom. She adopted two daughters “Renee and Alisah.”
She believes that, you don’t need to get married to be a mom.

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This is obviously a big move for a woman of indian descent. No marriage and two kids? You can just imagine what society ( aunties) will have to say. But she shrugs the thought away because she knows what matters most. And it is her and her daughters happiness above societal aspirations of what is assumedly perfect.

Another actress who is resetting norms in the industry is Dia Mirza. She too is showing us true love can come knocking any time. It does not matter if you are divorced, older or focused on your career. What truly matters is your happiness and the way you choose to live life on your own terms !

Lets Normalize Happiness Above All !