Three Beauty Elixirs For Brown Girls


Say Goodbye to Aging Skin

Dull and tired looking skin ? Tried every possible skin routine and still nothing working for you, well I just may have the cure for you . 

Over the years, I have come to learn that just surface creams and lotions rarely do enough to boost our skin’s elasticity and glow. The secret to beautiful toned skin lies in what we consume. I am sure we all have heard the saying, “ You are what you eat”. 

In this regard I have over the years tried and tested every possible viral smoothie and recently came across these top elixirs that would even surprise good old cleopatra. 

All these elixirs have one thing in common : antioxidants

And here is  why we need them :

Free radicals attack healthy skin cells and cause stress- the dominating factor for wrinkles and pigmentation. Antioxidants come to the rescue and magically replenish and repair the skin by reducing inflammation. 

Ideally, a healthy diet is what we need but I am sure most of us cultians rarely find the time to monitor our diets while we run the rat race of life. So here are the three magic elixirs that are quick to put together and enough to transform our skin. 

The Green Smoothie :

Healthy Smoothies

Packed with spinach or kale, topped with flax seeds, milk and a fruit of your choice. These ingredients can be blended together and you can drink this in the morning or after your exercise. I do recommend that if you choose to drink post exercise then you can add your protein powder as well. 

The Carrot and Beetroot Juice 

Real quick and easy – this two ingredients are all you need. Use a juicer to juice the carrot and beetroot into a fresh juice. You can always add an orange for sweetness but I would not recommend adding sugar. If you like a kick in your juice, you can add pink salt or a small pinch of chat masala will do the trick as well. 

The Avocado Smoothie 

This is the true elixir- A single avocado can prevent skin damage, minimizes breakouts and improves skin elasticity. All you need is an avocado, milk and a choice of fruit – mangoes are a good choice in summer.

This single smoothie combats premature aging and skin damage all in one go. 

These drinks may seem insignificant but their effects are just nothing less than magical. Try these in rotation for a week and I guarantee you instant results in the way you feel and look. 

For more recipes like this do check out my instagram page as well. 

And while these are a secret, I won’t hold it against my cultians if they choose to share with more girls and beautiful brown women across the world. 

Much love, until next time ..