Small Eyes Are Not The Problem, Small Minds Are!

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Chinki, Chow mein, Chinese, Cheap, Coronavirus…. What? You didn’t get it! Don’t worry it’s just racism. Casual names northeast Indian women hear daily, yup!!

We worry about the smaller things in our life! Be it career , homes or education. But our women have to be worried about being cat called in their own country !

Why are the women only targeted ?

Have you ever considered why northeastern women are frequent targets of these criminal acts? It is because the Indian mindset believes these women are a weaker entity. We often see videos of people calling northeastern women corona or verbally abusing them, holding them responsible for Covid-19. 

COVID-19 Made It Worse

Photo by John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

In this ongoing pandemic other women had different worries. The north eastern female was faced with the stress of losing her housing. During the pandemic, in Delhi rumours had it that they were forced to vacate their hostel and rental homes. It could be the combination of being a women and also being from the northern hemisphere. This combination made their lives a struggle.

Is This Hate And Criminal Behavior Justifiable?

No, it isn’t justifiable in any way possible unless you’re a freak who wants to harass people for how they look. We need to stop normalising racism. As a country with bigger issues, we tend to ignore verbal abuse against women in their daily life.

How To End This Racism

Credit : One America Votes

There are ways it can be stopped, one is the government making better laws. Another is to include northeast India’s history in textbooks, awareness regarding racism. As a society what we can do is not abuse people and have some common sense. It also begins with you . Every time you see someone using racist remarks, stop them. Being a bystander to racism makes you a racist as well. Be the change you wish to see in this world!

Let’s Speak Up For Our Sisters !