Quick Guide To Skin Undertones -Are you warm, cool or neutral ?


Find your perfect foundation shade 

Stuck with the wrong shade of foundation? Pictures being either too grey or looking dull and tired? Here’s just what you need to get it right :

First things first, you need to understand what your skin tone type is. When I say this most of us often wonder if we fall under the light skin tone range, medium or deep . But this is not the best route to go. Like most things that need to be solved by understanding its root cause, we first need to understand the basics of skin undertones.

So without further ado , What is a skin undertone ?

A skin undertone is the shade just right beneath your skin that reflects into your true shade. For example, imagine your curtain shopping and you choose a cream shade panel over a  white sheer panel. It will lead to the final color of the panel being a combination of the two. That being said, in this regard the cream panel in this is nothing but our very own skin undertone.

Easy enough you are probably thinking, but here comes the catch without understanding skin undertones it is hard to get the right foundation shade.

To begin with, there are three types of skin undertones, namely

  1. Cool
  2. Warm
  3. Neutral

Let’s break down each of them real quick and find out which resounds best with you.

Cool Undertones :  When your skin has hints of pink, red or blue.

Warm Undertones : When your skin has hints of peachy, yellow or golden tones.

Neutral : When your skin has a mix of both cool and warm undertones.

Let us figure out what your undertone is :

All you have to do- is look at your veins. Yes, its as simple as that. The color of your veins tell you whether you have a cool or warm undertone.

Greenish Veins : Warm Undertone

Blueish : Cool Undertone

Colorless or matching : Neutral

Now that we understand what, why and how to find our skin’s undertones . The next thing on the agenda is how we relate this information with foundation shades

Here’s how to pick the right foundation shade :

Warm Undertone : Foundation shades that are yellowish tint.

Cool Undertone : Shades that have a pinkish touch.

Neutral Undertone : A combination of both, leaning towards a peachy hue.

While these are the basics we need to get that flawless glowing base, there is a tad bit more that we can do to enhance our overall look. Apart from just helping us get the right shade, understanding your undertone can also intensify lipstick and eyeshadow shades.

Skin undertones can also influence the colors we choose to wear.

Here is another chart to guide you on the best colors to opt for while choosing the perfect outfit.

Thus, my fellow cult mates the right skin undertone can do wonders in delivering a well put together look on the whole. In regard to your foundation shade, I promise you the right choice can give you that alluring flawless glow in no time.