Skincare Tips Inspired By K-Drama Celebrities

Credit :Evening Standard


The hype of Korean Culture is increasing day by day. Looking at the increasing popularity of Korean in Pop Culture, we can certainly say that K-Drama and K-pop celebrities have become a huge inspiration for millions of people, especially when it comes to flawless and glass skin. Have you ever wondered “why does this lead in our favorite K-Drama have the smoothest skin ever?”

People around the world envy their peachy skin, including me. Are you fed up of hearing “drink water” every time you ask what you should do for your skin? If I were Google I’d have let you dive into the Korean skincare routine every time you’d search for “skincare tips”. 

For brown women achieving poreless skin is like a dream. As our skin faces pollution, dirt, stress and goes under hundreds of different products, it seems hard to attain glass skin like Korean stars. But thanks to our favourite Korean celebrities for sharing their unique skincare routines publicly, now women of color can follow and get dewy skin like theirs. If you want to know secrets behind the glowing skin of your favorite Korean actresses and oppas, keep on reading.

Don’t Go A Day Without Skincare Regimen

 Korean artists not only have glowing skin but also look young at all times. I was shocked when I heard the real age of my favorite Korean celebrities. What makes them look so young? Probably they stick to their skincare regimen every day as for them there is no cheat day when it comes to skincare routine. A very good example of this is Secretary Kim of What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? as she maintains fidelity to her nighttime routine to regenerate her skin. 

 Make Anti-aging Essence A Part Of Your Routine

Yoon Se-ri from Crash Landing On You is one of the most loved and beautiful characters of South Korean Dramas played by Son Ye-Jin. We all have seen how she manages to get a few smuggled skin care products and sticks to her regimen. One of those products included Manyo Factory Bifida Ampoule, an anti-aging essence which she uses in her real life as well. This product helps in reducing wrinkles and activates deep skin cells. This is something I’d recommend to every brown woman who wishes to look young. I would also like to remind you of the facial device millionaire-heiress uses after coming back to the comforts of her home which gives a spa-like massage and improves blood circulation.

Keep Sheet Masks Close To Yourself

We’ve seen many Korean artists applying sheet masks as per their skin type. In Korean Beauty, sheet masks are a great gateway product as it is easily available, comes at a cheap rate, and takes around 20 minutes to get you a smoother skin. Also in K-Dramas like Descendants of the Sun, Crash Landing On You, Touch we saw leads taking care of their skin by sheet masking. Sheet masks are for everyone and an important part of Korean’s daily skincare routine. So take out a few minutes from your schedule and treat your skin with sheet masks.

Makeup and Moisturize

This is another beauty secret of Koreans. K-beauty is the industry standard when it comes to focusing on the skin, and the most desirable makeup products often include skin-loving ingredients. So this is something to learn from Korean celebrities, products we choose to apply on our face as makeup should help in nourishing our skin. 

If you’re still dreaming of having glowing skin like your favorite celebrities, maybe now is the time to turn your dream into a reality. With the comfort of your home you can get the healthier skin ever. In this fast paced life we, women of color, should take some time out and indulge ourselves in self care routines.