Are Skincare Routines Overrated?


The party started late, I ate too much, I had a long day at work ! There are so many things that get in the way of removing old makeup or washing up before we hit the hay stack. While makeup looks great and sunscreen protects our skin all day, not removing these two pals can lead to skincare problems.

If you have ever woken up with a zit, or skin that’s oily or too dry – your skin is speaking up and it is time to listen. So let’s dive in and see why skincare routines are so hyped up these days.

Here are some of the reasons why each of us must have a skincare routine. 

Helps Resolve Your Skin Issues

There could be a thousand reasons that cause skin issues. Two main reasons could be pollution and hormonal imbalance. We are living in a world where pollution is unavoidable. Even if we are not going out every day, we are still exposed to pollution and dirt. This can cause a lot of skin issues. Another reason could be hormonal imbalance. When you follow a proper guided skincare routine, it allows your skin to breathe and heal. Acne, premature ageing, dryness, redness, flakiness. All of these undesired skin concerns can be fixed with the implementation of a healthy skincare routine. 

Takes Care Of The Future You

Skincare is a journey. It’s like a seed you plant today. That later gives you result for a lifetime. Our skin is the most exposed part that ages early. Skincare surely can’t stop you from ageing. But it will slow the process. Your skin will be happy because it knows it’s been taken care of. Whatever your age is, start a skincare routine today. Tomorrow will be too late.  

Prevents Sun Damage

The evident example is of a Truck Driver. Whose half-face aged much earlier than the other half that was not exposed to the sun and dirt. 

Let’s understand the science behind it. Skin is the largest part of our body. It comes with the power of a natural defence system. Health professionals believe that UV radiation can alter the immune system. UV radiations suppress the immune system which can hamper the body’s ability to fight certain diseases, including skin cancer. Proper skincare contains regular use of UV protection sunscreen. It is the most important step because nothing can damage your skin more than the sun. 

I personally feel like signing up to the skincare team now, don’t you ! If all it takes is 5 minutes of my time every day for the next couple of years to reduce aging and slowing my biological wrinkle clock – hell I’m In !

It is advised to consult a dermatologist before you make a skincare routine. Experts suggest the products your skin needs. You can avoid unnecessary products that way!! Keep your skin happy. It does so much for you.