SINGLE MOMS: The Real Superheroes !

Credit: Thrive Global


“As a single mum you’ll discover inner strengths and capabilities you never knew you had.” – Emma-Louise Smith

Mothers symbolize true love, care, & strength. Their lives are filled with challenges and sacrifices. It doesn’t mean dads have no role in the lives of their children. They equally are important as mothers. But when it comes to a single parent, life seems to be tough, filled with self-doubts and fears. You know your responsibilities are now doubled. But it’s not always about struggles. It opens up the doors of opportunities and self-exploration to an individual. Being a single mom is not less than being a superwoman or superhero. For the world, a superhero is someone who fights evil just like a mom fights against devastation and captious society. She may not be able to fly like superheroes but she has wings of courage and bravery. Just like a superhero possesses powers, single moms too hold incredible powers.     

What are the powers single moms possess? Let’s discover!

Single Moms The Multitasking Pros

From being a doctor to her entire family to being an incredible chef. From getting herself office ready to making sure the lunch box is prepared, single moms take care of everyone and everything. They switch roles so fast and tackle so many characters at once. They have the ability to complete all their tasks quickly. They make a house a home for their children where they learn and grow. They bring peace and happiness to everyone’s life. Yes, not all superheros wear capes.

They Are Brave And Courageous

There’s no doubt single moms have to go through negative perceptions and judgements. When days are harsh they deal with depression. They even face discrimination at the workplace. They maintain a positive attitude towards whatever they face making sure it’s not affecting their children in any way. It takes extra strength and courage to fight against the odds alone for single mothers. So keep reminding your moms you’re there for them no matter what. 

They Make It Work

A single mother has to make the most of what she’s got, whether it’s funds, time, or resources. They always find a way to make things work. Making outfits at home for children’s annual functions instead of buying them. They know ways to save money and be creative at the same time. They manage their financial concerns all by themselves. They develop skills with time which helps them to survive the times when they run out of resources. They learn the importance of seeking help, especially when raising kids. All the members of single mother household rely on each other to keep things moving. Just like any team, these families remain tightly bound to one another, yet fiercely independent.

A single mother is the real superhero of a family. She conveys the message

“if life is tough, you’re tougher”.

She selflessly does things that benefit everyone around her. She makes sure to build a happy environment for her family. Above all, they inspire so many people to be independent, brave, and live life to the fullest.

“Being a single parent is not a life full of struggles, but a journey for the strong.” : Meg Lowrey