SIDS-How Can You Protect Your Baby ?


Nearly 2500 children die of SIDS every year in the United States and the number is always rising. Above all the main reason behind SIDS is lack of awareness and correct parenting. A handful of parents remain in the dark leading to the exposure to certain situations that are fatal for they’re newborns. One of the top leading causes of infant mortality is SIDS.

What is SIDS ?

SIDS is the short form of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Diagnosis of cot death and crib death is none other than SIDS. It is the unexplained death of a child that is sudden. When a child is unresponsive from a nap, or has low level of oxygen it leads to SIDS. Prevention methods include abstaining from smoking during pregnancy. Sleep positioning of the baby is a preventive measure. In some cases, genetics does play a role in SIDS along with inadequate prenatal care . Cultural also plays a major role in this. Some desi households often do not believe in the concept of a crib itself. If they do , there is a high chance that we place stuffed toys or pillows and blankets in it increasing the risk for SIDs.

Here is how you can prevent SIDS:

  1. Do not place the baby in a crib filled with toys, blankets and cushions. The placement of these inside a crib during bedtime can increase the risk of SIDS. For example, if a child is placed with a stuffed toy, babies do not have the ability to wake up when feeling suffocated. If the toy were to fall on the child and hamper the breathing, it will lead to oxygen depletion.
  2. Temperature in the room plays a major preventive role. Elevated or low room temperatures can affect a infants breathing mechanisms.
  3. Sharing the bed with the infant. Sometimes, parents fall asleep with the baby after soothing or breastfeeding. This increases the risk of the infant getting suffocated with blankets or pillows.

While these are blanket preventive measures, speaking to your pediatrician can help you be more aware of SIDS and make better choices.