5 Uncommon Signs That You Are Pregnant


The signs and symptoms of pregnancy are much awaited, when you have decided to have a baby. 

Missing periods, nosebleeds, mood swings, food craving, nausea and vomiting, fatigue, breast enlargement and tenderness etc. We all know some usual early pregnancy signs and symptoms. But beside these common signs there are some uncommon signs also. They are sure to throw you off your game.

Here are “5 uncommon Signs” of early pregnancy;

Heat Baby Heat !

If you are feeling flushed, or heated up you may just be pregnant. Your body temperature has slightly increased. You feel it after waking up in the morning, after the ovulation. While you are touching your skin you may feel it’s burning. Due to hormonal changes your body temperature rises. If you are using the charting method you will notice the sudden shift in body temperature way before you can test positive.

Abdomen Cramps

Some women also experience periods like abdomen Cramps. This is because, growing uterus puts pressure on your bladder. Mild pain is normal but sometimes it becomes too serious and you need to consult with a doctor. This could also be implantation cramping right around the 9 -10 day of your second phase of cycle.

“Greater Trochanteric” Pain

During pregnancy, some women can also feel pain in the thighs and hips area. your hips and legs hurt during the second and third trimester.   This is known as GTPS “greater trochanteric pain syndrome.” Doing regular exercise may help in treating and relieving that pain. This is a very uncommon sign that you may not be aware off.

Implantation Bleeding

Credit : Zu Ying, Yahoo

As the follicle tries to bury into the uterine lining you may notice some bleeding. This is very normal and there is nothing to be worried about. The reason behind the bleeding is ‘cervical irritation’. This sign is often confused with false periods or notice spotting during pregnancy. The light implantation bleeding will last the length of your period, and comes around the same time. The best way to differentiate is to check the quantity and duration. Implantation bleeding lasts only 2 days and will not fill up a pad completely.

Tasting Metal

If everything you eat, taste like coins you may be in luck ! This is the most common yet uncommon sign of pregnancy. This weird sign of tasting metal is called as “Dysegusia.”

Peeing All Day Long

As your body begins to prepare itself for pregnancy, you will begin to visit the toilet more often. The bladder is just under the uterus. This means that as your uterus grows in size, there is an increasing strain on the bladder. You will pee more often as a result.

Other signs to look out for are nosebleeds, acne and headache. However, despite these signs it’s always best to take a pregnancy test a day or two after a missed period.

Good luck on your TTC journey and if you have experienced unusual signs please comment below and share your story ! Can’t wait to hear from you !