Predicting Desi Fashion Trends

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Desi fashion trends that rocked the 80’s are coming back in full swing. Be it polka dots or puffed sleeves and bell bottoms ! But this often leaves many of us confused on what might be next . If you are facing this dilemma, we are here to help.

Here is your one step guide to predicting the next fashion trend by just figuring out the fashion cycle that’s going on. 


Credit : New Indian Express

We gen-zs are tired of hearing from millennials about what they wore in childhood. However those are the designs that are now popular. Personally I often lean back on styles that made their mark in the early 2000s. I simply can’t wait to get back into capris, short kurtis and those unforgettable colourful pants. It is from these moments of nostalgia that fashion designers dig into new trends and create something old and new in one go.


Let me just say this straight off !

To crack the fashion cycle mystery all you have to do is look back 30 years. Yes! It’s all in the past.

After every 10 years, fashion takes a turn back. For instance, trends that were well-known in the 90s came back in the 2000s and then again in the 2020s.


Credit : IDiva

Now that I have divulged this secret it is time to talk about what is in and what works :

Here are some of the fashion trends that are making a recurrence:

  • Chokers
  • Off-shoulder dresses & tops
  • Pastel shades 
  • Overalls – jumpsuits & dungarees
  • Floral prints 
  • High waisted jeans and denim
  • Bell Bottoms


Credit : Pinterest – Rupfashionpoint

Ssh… share it at your own discretion. This prophecy is not for the faint hearted. If you plan to share it with others, you may want to reconsider.

Without further ado – here is your exclusive into prepping for the next fashion cycle.

Taking an ongoing pandemic into consideration, trends for 2022 might not be very similar to the previous ones. Sustainability has taken a greater influence over the generations. So handlooms and trends supporting local business will be a priority. Also, checks, military and boho prints will have the potential to take over Indian markets.  

Keeping this in mind, we ladies hope for one thing ! POCKETS IN DENIMS PLEASE

We are utterly fed up and we deserve a pocket, is that too much to ask ?

Hopefully, a ‘pocket’ full of trends will be revealed in the upcoming fashion cycle!