Pakistani Women Cry Out !


It happened and we stood – SILENT !

Yes, we all watched and we shared the video of the Pakistani TikToker who was thrown in the air and groped as her clothes were torn. That’s all we did, we watched and commented and shared the video. Unfortunately, that is all we will do in the future as well.

Her Mistake You Ask ?

The girl along with her colleague went to Lahore’s greater Iqbal park for filming a
video. Big crowd of people decided it was a good idea to torture her. Her crime – we do not see it yet !

They entered the park and assaulted her without warning and without any regard to humanity. The girl and her friends were encircled by around 300 to 400 people. They tried to run
away from the crowd but all in vain. The girl’s clothes were torn, she was thrown in the air and bounced around . And no, it did not stop there. These savages ripped the girls rings and earrings from her body. Her friends were robbed as well.

The crowd jeered, their voices raised. As this heinous act was forced upon this girl, the crowd made a sound. The sound of miscreants, robbers and assaulters finding joy in their infliction on her.

Humans Of Today

Can we call ourselves that ?

Did no one from those hundreds of people think once, what they were doing?


In a world like this , every girl thinks she lives in hell. Even hell sounds better than this type of world. We live in a world where sexual abuse and exploitation is everyday news. It is a horrific dilemma, are women and girls safe in their own country. In a free world, we are not even safe in our own countries.

This terrible incident took place on Independence day. A day of freedom and a day of celebration. This day is now tainted for our sisters in Pakistan. Women who will forever carry the memory of a young woman who was groped, assaulted, insulted, stripped of respect, tortured and attacked by hundreds of men at the same time.

What is it that these men ( are they even real men ) want to show with this despicable behaviour? Is this the Independence we should celebrate ? Is dishonoring a woman the pride of our nations ?

When Will We Awaken ?

Until how long do we women have to go through these types of loathsome
situations? The girl filed a complaint against the mob but to what end ?

The trauma she will live with, the fear that will grip her everytime she goes out ? Who will account for every sleepless nightmarish nights she has to endure ?

We could have saved her ! We could have stopped it !

But we did not and we will not ! Because we are blinded , we are fearful , we are fickle !