Own Your Sexuality: Women Should Touch Themselves !


Everyone deserves a fulfilling sex life. Even the women! We all have come such a long way. But female pleasure is still taboo. So much shame is associated with it.

We see female actors being criticized for their roles depicting female masturbation. We see men bashing those female actors on daily basis. Regardless of what they post or say. We see men bring female masturbation up again and again to shame women. And all in the name of Sanaskara.

So much for Sanskara. But did you know Vatsayana’s Kamasutra encourages the celebration of sexuality and sexual experimentation?! Even for women. Did you know that the walls of ancient Indian temples of Khajurao and Konark are inscribed with erotic art?!

Now that is also our Sanskar.

So, why the shame?

If one has to trace it historically. As a colonized country. Like many in South Asia and Africa. India was also ruled by a foreign power. The British Raj saw liberal attitudes of ancient Indian culture and sexual expression as primitive and barbaric practices. And thus, the stigma.

Anti-sex and homophobic ideas were institutionalized by the British through their administrative and education system. And we, as colonies, suffered from a recency dilemma. Forgetting the past. And accepting the suppression as our Sanskar.

So, ladies, next time, if someone bashes you for touching yourself. You come back at them. Strong! And teach them some history and Sanskar.

Benefits of Touching Yourself

Now that we have broken the shackles of taboos. Let’s explore what wonders can touching yourself do!

A little bit of self-love can do a lot for you! When you orgasm, you release hormones like serotonin and dopamine. This gives you immense pleasure and a feeling of self-satisfaction. Your body also produces oxytocin that helps you calm and makes you feel safe, affectionate and takes care of your well-being. All in one shot!

“An orgasm is the biggest non-drug blast of dopamine available.” – Gloria Brame (Source: Forbes)

Pleasing yourself can also help you sleep better. Yes, you read it right!

Ladies, if you are stressed. And having trouble sleeping peacefully. Now you know what to do!

In an orgasm, your body releases many hormones, one of them is vasopressin accompanied by melatonin. These help in controlling your sleep cycle. Post-orgasm, you feel self-satisfied and calm. And this feeling, accompanied by your sleep hormones is perfect for your good night’s sleep!

“Masturbating can help relieve anything from cramps and back pain to headaches and joint aches.” – Sherry Ross, MD, OB/GYN, Santa Monica, CA (Source: Healthline)

Now tell me, ladies. Do you really need any other reason to touch yourself? You and your body can be best friends on your period. And can fight off those evil cramps!The dopamine and serotonin that your body releases during orgasm also act as natural pain relievers. So don’t hold yourself back! And dive in!

Touching Yourself Can Save Your Life: Literally!

According to World Health Organization (WHO), in 2020, 2.3 million women were diagnosed with breast cancer. While no single test can for sure detect breast cancer. Self-examination is the best way to detect any lumps or odd growth in that area.

So, my lovelies, touch yourself. Feel your breasts. Firmly, pat your fingers. Then caress your hand in a circular motion. Go up and down. Side to side. And make it a routine. If you do not touch yourself you will never know if your body is undergoing any changes.

In case you find a lump, don’t panic. Go see your doctors. Most lumps are non-cancerous. Occurs due to hormonal changes. In case the lump is cancerous, your self-examination will help you to detect it before it’s too late.

My girls! It is time we stop bending down with all that societal burden on our shoulders. Let yourself loose! And do yourselves a favor. And touch yourself!

‘Cause girls too gotta touch themselves!