New Mom Guide Alert!


Congratulations on joining the new mom club. There are probably a zillion things racing through your mind right now. Which breast pump is great, what stroller brand is easy to use or even do I need a pacifier. While being a new mom can be daunting, with help and sound advice it becomes a breeze. We understand you have a lot on your plate now and probably rushing through feedings while reading this- thus, without further ado.

Top Things For Every Newbie Mommy:

Nursing/ Breast Pads

The right pad can save you the world of embarrassment. Trust me when I say this, risking wearing a bra and t shirt can leave you with embarrassment scars for life. If you are a new mom or soon to be you must know that your nipples will be firing friendly fire every now and then. What we mean by this is you will start to notice your milk leaking and soiling that favorite bra or coming all the way to the surface. Within seconds the whole world is party to your breast milk leakage. So to avoid moments like this invest in a good pair of breast pads and do not risk a outing without these bad boys.

Nipple Cream

As breastfeeding leads to itching, dryness and cracks. Nipple Cream can help to
heal the sore skin and irritation around your nipples. Using nipple creams keeps your
skin hydrated. You should apply nipple cream immediately after feeding your baby.
Always go for natural and organic nipple creams. Those products which are non-
toxic for yourself and baby as well. Hence, don’t need to wipe it before feeding your

White Noise Machine

Credit : What To Expect

This is an investment that gives you instant sleep returns. If your baby is in the middle of growth spurts or are hard to put down for the night, meet Mr. White noise. White noise is said to resemble to some degree the sounds familiar to what your baby has been hearing in your womb. This allows them to feel comforted and relaxed. You may even find yourself snoozing in no time with white noise. You can choose to buy a handy white noise machine for the stroller or one for the bedroom. If you do not have the budget to purchase one, fret not just youtube it. YouTube has many white noise videos you can use all the time.

Hospital Bag

This is probably the most important bag you will ever pack in your life. A hospital bag helps you concentrate on the birthing process with everything you need to feel comforted in close reach. The contents of the baby bag is never fixed so do your research or hold on for our next article on the same. Just remember to choose things you will most normally need to recuperate. A pair of slippers, warm fuzzy socks, toothbrush, going home clothes – you get our vibe!


Babies need to slowly wean into self soothing and sleep patterns. However, between the time when they can choose their favorite bed time buddy and the first time they sleep on their own – swaddles will save the day. Swaddling helps the baby feel comforted and just like white noise it mimics the conditions on being cradled in your womb. You can choose to self swaddle like the good old days or you can choose to buy a swaddle which has Velcro. Either ways don’t shy away from spending the most dimes on more than just one swaddle.

Baby Kits

Credit : Not Your Basic Box – Stroll with Kai

From rainy day thermometers to their first nail cutter – you need to make a small kit for your baby. It should have all you need incase of an emergency. This should include the famous diaper rash cream as well. You know your baby best and there are a zillion things that come in handy. While we would love to share with you an extensive list of must haves-it is still in the works. So don’t forget to subscribe with us to keep posted on all things new mom related.

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