Never Have I Ever: Every Brown Girl & a Desi Family!

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Mindy Kaling’s Never Have I Ever has been trending in Top 10, Netflix India since the day it came out! And here is the reason why:

Because this is the story of every Brown Girl!

Yes. That’s right.

Now many of you might be thinking that why a Web Series based on an NRI family trending in India? Well, this is where I jump in. With all your answers!

It beautifully captures the life of every teen Brown Girl!

Never Have I Ever is all about embracing being brown. It is a mixture of the acceptance and the fight that every brown girl has to go through in her life!

Desi Parenting

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We see, from time to time, Nalini’s Desi parenting side. From scolding Devi to not letting her have a boyfriend to rules on night-stay, locking her room and the list just goes on. We girls, too, have been through it all!

We love to see that Indian are the same. Everywhere. India or abroad. Desi Parenting is here to stay!

Another cool thing about Desi Parenting is also the love that we get from our Dadis and Nanis. And Mindy sure did capture that emotion as well!

As in season 2, Devi’s Dadi moves in, and brings in amazing pickles for everyone. An entertainment package indeed.

Brown Family Culture

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Desi Culture is everywhere! The season 1 starts with Ganesh Puja. And Devi is wearing a saree!

Can you think of any other better way to connect?

Desi Culture is an emotion. And Mindy Kaling got it all right.

Nosey aunties in your life – indeed a very Desi thing.

Never Have I Ever is filled with colours. Every now and then someone is either dressed in Indian ethnic or getting married or attending an all-Desi get-together and oh the Gossips!

The maker of Never Have I Ever, carefully amalgamated the small Desi things with a Western Setting. Having narrators like Andy, Gigi and John talking about this Indian girl was sure a cherry on top!

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The Web Series is thus a great way to connect with the Indian audience through its strong use of symbolism. 

Even when you are sitting in the comfort of your house somewhere in India, watching a Brown Girl in the US go through the exact same things that you do too. You’re hooked into it! And it all fits right into a relatable Desi package to become a Netflix trend in India !