Must Try Makeup Brands This Summer

Makeup Brands


Two Indian Cosmetic Brands That Will Change Your Life

We are missing out on authentic new brands that offer more than just a generic shade but skincare too. Let us check out some brands that brought us millennials skincare based makeup from home grown brands.

For me this summer there are two makeup brands that go beyond : Asa Beauty and Vasanti Cosmetics.

With that being said, let us dive into what makes these two brands a force to reckon with. 

Asa Beauty 

Asa Beauty : The Indian Luxury Brand

This brand invented the whole concept of ‘clean awakening’. Clean awakening is a lifestyle choice to choose cleaner and healthier for oneself. It is the conscious awakening that moves us to choose makeup that replenishes us. 

The brand is known for its vegan cruelty free natural products which is recyclable and contain no harmful chemicals. As the first ever luxury indian makeup brand they have made their mark in the industry and amongst their customers as well. 

What’s more, each product is created using ingredients which benefit indian skin tones. The shades of foundations, blush , contour and lipsticks are all curated with the baseline of what works best with deeper tones. If you have ever struggled with salmon or light peachy shades that just do not do justice to your looks, then meet Asa Beauty.  Buy Now –

Vasanti Cosmetics

Vasanti Cosmetics – For Every Brown Girl

The second brand that created a ripple in the makeup industry is Vasanti Cosmetics. 

Started by four sisters this brand was created just for you. The motivation for this brand stemmed from a negative experience faced by one of the sisters, who took that as a learning step to help all us brown girls to never face the same. 

The brand focuses on a high performance wearable brand that magically deals with dark circles and ashy complexions. 

Have you ever put on makeup for an event, looked great in the mirror, walked out the door – took a picture and bam your face is white ashy and completely off the natural tone of your skin ! Well that’s just what Vasanti Cosmetics is here to help you battle. I promise you that no matter your skin tone – they have the right shade for you. 

If you are in the market for a concealer that actually works for your middle skin tone – Check out Vasanti Cosmetics Liquid V02 Color Corrector – this product has been brewing for years and known to banish those dark circles with just a single swipe.  Check it out Now –

Do check out these brands and shoot me a comment or message whether it worked for you or not. 

And keep a lookout for more brand reviews coming your way my loves.