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Personal hygiene is something that does not talk about very often . Almost half of the women suffer through a lot of health problems because of an unhygienic methods. When it comes to menstrual cycle and non proper care of vagina or private parts of the body, we don’t know alot.

In India talking about private parts is shunned by the public even if it’s related to hygiene. But awareness and proper knowledge is important for a healthy lifestyle. By discussion, only we can remove this taboo and help women to live a hygienic and long life.


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One of the biggest issues for all the girls is having to pee in unhygienic public toilets. Using these toilets can lead to a lot of health problems. Pee buddy is India’s first urination device the best part is it’s travel friendly and disposable so you don’t have to worry about toilets anymore while travelling.


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Sweaty body makes us look very unattractive as well as unhygienic we all just hate sweat. 

But whenever we go out on a hot summer day we get a lot of sweat to get rid of that sweat we can use this product. It helps in reducing excessive sweat and hyperhidrosis of underarms,feets and palms. So this product is a must try because of its uniqueness.


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Caring for your body and especially intimate parts is the best way to live a hygienic life and healthy life.

Panty liners look like a sanitary pad but it’s thinner and smaller than that. 

Why should we use it?

Because it absorbs all the vaginal discharge and also light menstrual flow so that you don’t feel itching or irritation in your vaginal areas.

Most of you must have wondered why I haven’t talked about any intimate washes or anything . The truth is intimate washes are not good for your vagina yes that’s true! Your vagina is a self cleaning organ so it doesn’t need to be washed with any specific product.

But if you choose to go with a intimate wash, you should consider that it could change the normal PH balance of your vagina. The best is to ensure that you speak to a gynaecologist who can better suggest what will help best !