#MENTOO – The Painful Truth!

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A woman is innocent until proven guilty and a man is guilty until proven innocent , why this discrimination?

If women want equality then why are they not ready for equal punishment ? New data shows that there is a spike in false allegations against men. Rape is cried out, men are arrested. The victim is consoled, justice is served and the men fight for their rights and fall broken !

In no way do we mean to discount that there are still thousands of women who are victims of rape by men. Their pain is genuine and their scars will probably never heal. We want women to come out, to speak out to claim their justice. But only if that is the truth of justice.

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We women know, only too well what it means to be discriminated and tortured. Yet, women are now using the pain of true victims to weaponize revenge. When you choose to cry ‘rape’ as revenge, remember you mock the pain of countless women who have survived being raped and who remain in the shackles of pain.

Do not mock their struggle !

When a man says he was seduced and raped, we laugh! How is that possible, he enjoyed himself obviously, we assume this. On the same lines, we shun men who say ‘she wanted it, she liked it’ . Why does this theory not work two ways ?

A Man’s Life After Fake Rape Allegations !

There goes the rapist !

He doesn’t deserve a job!

You are the son/ daughter of a rapist !

He is heartless, he is the devil himself!

He does not deserve medical care or housing !

He does not deserve life !

And all the while, behind his pain could be a woman who was never a victim. Her revenge restored!

Again, don’t get us wrong. If the case was not false, he deserves the worst fate! But if its a lie to gain the upper hand or revenge- then the same should be said about you ! For fake allegations are pitiful.

Credit : Times of India

Rape is one of the heinous crimes and being alleged for this can even cost someone’s life. A person’s life becomes hell after these fake allegations. People look at them as they are criminals. It destroys their career & their personal life.

Until the man is proven innocent they are treated as a criminal. Their mental health is torn. What if they are not the criminal? Can you give all those weeks, months, or years of his life back? Can that girl give his self-respect back? The trauma that he has gone through, can she compensate for that?

When we ask the same for women why not for men ?

Delhi High Court Speaks Up !

Credit : Vice Media

Recently, the Delhi High Court in view of rising fake rape allegations against men have released a statement. They are requesting that advocates and people do not use rape as a weapon. They are urging complainants to respect the pain of genuine rape cases. Justice Subramonium Prasad says, “Allegations regarding offences such as one under Section 376 IPC cannot be made at the drop of a hat – in order to settle personal scores”.

This comes after, a couple made cross allegations using Section 376 IPC against each other.

It was only in the month of March a man shot himself for the same reason.

Just last month, a cabbie was assaulted by a woman on the street. He could not even defend himself. While this is nowhere close to rape, it just shows us that men are beginning to fear repercussions. Thus, is born the #mentoo movement.

We only hope that justice wins always- be it a man or be a woman. Our rules should resound with equality. The truth must prevail despite gender.