A good perfume lingers long after a person leaves. Often times our memories are trigger by a scent rather than an experience itself. But the most difficult thing is finding the right perfume to match your personality. After it, it is what you will be remembered by!

However, not only finding the right scent is hard, but also getting it to last longer. Most of perfumes made for women do not linger longer than a few hours. With no other option, we often opt for a mens perfume. To be honest I use my brother’s perfume more than mine as it lasts longer.

To get rid of these problems, here are some tips that you can use to make your perfume last all day.


Applying perfume after moisturizing your body will retain the fragrance for longer because of oily skin. Before using perfumes on pulse point apply some petroleum jelly and see the magic.

Store At The Right Place

Keeping perfumes in the proper place can prolong their shelf life. Choose a space away from sunlight, avoid places with temperature fluctuations. All perfumes have a manual, we often discount this but that’s our mistake. Check your perfume’s manual to make sure you are storing this in the right place.

Don’t keep your perfume in the bathroom. It has humidity that will break down and waken the fragrance of the perfume.

Less Is More

In order to make your perfume last long don’t spray it extra & all over your body. Dousing yourself with a perfume, always make others feel uncomfortable. It’s never classy !

Applying your perfume properly in a proper amount is the best way.

Right Places

The most common mistake we make while applying perfume on wrists is we rub it. This causes friction and weakens the smell of perfume. That’s why they don’t last long as we expect .

Also spraying your perfume all over your neck or cleavage are not the best places. Always try to apply your perfume by your pulse. You can also opt for perfumes that become strong when you sweat. These are oil based perfumes. They work when heat increases and are a great option for a sunny day.

Just After A Shower

There are many people who don’t love to moisturize their skin. Best way to make perfume last long for them is to apply it just after a shower. This will allow the perfume to lock on their skin as your pores are open.

I hope these tips up your perfume game and leaving you smelling like a flower all day long !