A girl slapping a cab driver RUTHLESSLY in the middle of the road in front of hundreds of people! Do we call this equality or torture?

An incident took place in Lucknow where a girl slapped a cabbie continuously.


The one sided brawl went on for more than 20 times. When she was questioned, she spiralled out of control and damaged his phone. Despite her brutality , the cabbie ( a male ) did not raise a finger ! He silently took the abuse. A crowd was present but no one came forward to help. I guess this is what you can expect from our society. Shockingly, the traffic officer also went along !

Let’s Switch Up The Genders !

Credit : DNA INDIA

Lets assume a cabbie (male) beat a woman up on the road. He slapped her brutally, pushed her around and abused her. He even went as far as breaking her phone. If you were a bystander in this hypothetical situation would you just watch too?

If you were the woman being slapped around- would you not protest? If this is so, then should be we assume the worst. Being that the perpetrator is a girl we are all just silent.

Demanding for equality is not going to change anything until and unless we do something. Just try to think of the mental trauma the cab driver is experiencing. He was beaten so badly in front of the world. His hands were tied, lips sealed. If he retaliated or defended himself, the world will shun him. She slapped his self respect, confidence and human right !

Even when a guy interfered and tried to save the cab driver, it was a waste. The woman started manhandling this man too. All for her claim. She was injured by the car hitting her. But nothing of her demeanor reflected injury all it showed was wild fury and rage.

Don’t Play The Girl Card !

Just because you are a girl that doesn’t give you power to do anything or beat anyone. The cabbie did not even defend himself in the fear of retaliation from society. He would not defend himself at the cost of society destroying this whole life. On one side, girls are fighting for justice and equality while on the other we are perpetuating the same violence.

We say we are defenseless. We say teach them to be better. We stay don’t take advantage. We say so many things.

And now what can we say ? Shall we rally #enoughisenough #notallwomen #hertoo ? Where do we go from here…

Today a man was beaten by a woman. Tomorrow it could be something else. But do we believe this reality. NO! we do not, we cannot imagine a woman raping a man or a woman being the perpetrator of domestic violence. Hell, until now we did not even believe a woman could beat a man publically. YET IT HAPPENED !

and its followed by silence, no hype because in the end ” he’ll get over it, he’s a man” !