Is He/She Your Soulmate Unravelled!


We often question ourselves if we are with the right person. Feelings, as we all know, are temporary. At times, you might feel a rush of affection towards your lover. Other times, you find yourself introspecting over your relationship. It could be due to your insecurities, trust issues, or simply because your partner does something you don’t expect from them. True love is so much more than just chasing the fairytale feeling. 

Do you want to know, what you are feeling for your partner is a real deal? Do their little gestures spike your dopamine? Are they your hopeless romantic lover? Let’s find out girls!! 

They Are Your Rock!

When your life whirls out of control, they’ll set aside their problems and stand by you. In good times or bad, soulmates are each other’s strength. If you’ve found someone like this, you’ve found yourself a lifetime source of strength. Going through a bad phase is a part of life. It’s a lot easier when you have the right person to hold you when you fall. 

You Connect Emotionally !

There are times when you have complaints or compliments to share with your partner. For some reason, you don’t! Soulmates understand each other’s emotions. They know how to make you smile or laugh. Or how to lift your mood when you are having a bad day. They may deal with their own emotions differently. But they truly get how your emotions function. This will make you feel connected with them in deeply personal ways. 

They Are Your Biggest Fan !

You know you are with the right person when they change you in a good way. Love teaches you empathy. It teaches you compassion. It allows you to make sacrifices. If you see correcting yourself for all the things you were doing wrong before. Believe me, it’s because they are changing you. They are encouraging you to be a better person. They aren’t afraid to give you constructive criticism. Because they want to see you succeed. Sometimes, tough love is the only thing you need to overcome bad habits.

You Share A Unique Love Language !

We all have our own ways of loving. And being loved. You might love the words of affirmation. But for your partner, giving them undivided attention could be the most important thing. It won’t work if they do things that mean nothing to you. They can give you all the attention. But your love language is words of affirmation. All their efforts go to waste. They end up questioning everything! If your partner is mature enough. And know that all you need is a “Good job, Love!” You can spend the rest of your life with them. 

If you have a constant smile while reading this article. You are lucky my girl. You are with the right person. Appreciate Love! Appreciate them! Give them a hug and say Thank-You! 

Word Of Caution :

If you have checked off each of these points, you may have actually found your soulmate. But hold on, have you ? It is very important to understand that if your current partner is everything you say they are that they too reciprocate the same feeling. If both of you do not feel the same about each other, you may want to have a sit down. Also, I am no love guru but I can tell that both partners need to always be on the same page. For me love is black or white, there is no place for maybe or ifs. If you love someone it should not be based on materialistic things but on richness of self love and growth. If your partner is showing you signs that they are not ready yet or they are unsure, these are red lights. Communication is thus, the most important connection between soul mates not cupid’s arrow my loves…