The 3 “S” That Will Change Your Life


These three words are the holy grail tips for a long enduring life. For generations, successful people have choose to hide this weapon. While some have figured out one or two of the ‘s’ words, only handful know the effect of using them together.

Lifestyle gurus, makeup and skin care artists have all mentioned it once or twice. But a rare select few know its power, like you will soon.

So without further ado.

Here are the 3 ‘S’ that will change your life is ways you never ever imagined

  1. Sex

This act of two bodies entwined result in a power boost to our brains and bodies. The excess dopamine and oxytocin merged together giving us that after glow like no other. Good for the heart and calming for the soul, this first ‘s’ if done correctly can bring out a new you. Psychologists often claim that sex allows people to dive into their true being and find oneness and connection like no other. If I haven’t got you hooked yet, wait until you hear my next ‘S’.

2. Sleep

The mother of solutions from dark circles to memory boosters. This magical act can reset us in unimaginable ways. What’s more, sleep is something we all love. When it comes to sleep, even Covid-19 warriors swear by sleep as a recovery mechanism. Sleep also gives us the ability to meet our unconscious mind. Patterns in our dreams, enable us to reflect and meditate on our path to self discovery.

The final and third ‘s’ is common amongst many beauty experts in the country.

3. Sunscreen

I cannot harp enough about this wonderous substance. The blocker of all things harmful like UV rays, acts as a natural barrier. Experts claim that using sunscreen can even protect us from skin cancer. Smaller problems like acne, hyperpigmentation and sunburn are just too easy to fend off with this small tube of goop.

Together, in large amounts and with consistency – sex, sleep and sunscreen is sure to make you a Goddess in your own right.

Stay tuned for more hacks on how to rule the world.