Lipstick Hacks You Never Knew


Every makeup kit has one thing in common – Red Lipsticks and more lipsticks. There is no doubt that this shade of lipstick is known for its raw passion. A lipsticks is the answer to all your dreams.

Over the years, lipsticks have been famous for upping our overall look. But these bad boys can do so much more.

Here are 4 fun ways you can use your lipstick:

  1. A Blush :

Used lightly, a pink lipstick can give the aura of a blushed look that looks very natural. The fact that the lipstick is a creme product, makes the blush even more long lasting. If you havent been scrolling through TikTok, you may have missed it. But the new viral trend is to apply your lipstick to your cheeks and nose, before the foundation. Yes, you heard that right. Once you have the lipstick on, dab on the foundation, concealer and powder. Voila, you have a gentle, healthy blush peeking through.

To check out this technique , here is the link –

3. Eyeshadow

Shimmer lipsticks work like a dream. It is easy to blend and lasts all night look giving off a shein that would make glitter jealous.

2. A Concealer

Dark circles need some help ? Whip out your orange lipsticks. All you have to do is apply a stroke of a orangish red lipstick under your eyes and get that foundation on. This little hack is sure to save you some dollars.

4. Contour

Need to get those jaw lines defined and get a face lift in seconds. Here is your top hack. We all have that boring brown lipstick hanging around. The best excuse to make that change is using the lipstick as a contour stick. Made to glide on, you no longer need to carry your bronzer and contouring kit everywhere you go .

I am glad you stuck around and hope this helps you lighten that makeup kit or change your look even if you don’t have all your makeup products with you. Hope this hacks help !