Brown Girl’s Guide to Lip Blush Tattoo


Hello Brown Beauties!! Don’t you hate it when you finally find a perfect lip shade? You call it ‘MLBB’ (My Lips But Better), and the brand suddenly discontinues it. What if I tell you it’s possible to get your favourite lip colour tattooed? And it’s painless. Jackpot! 

Our lip area has a lot of nerve endings hence it is really sensitive. Getting a tattoo on the lips was a dream earlier. Thanks to numbing cream. This magical product has made the process possible and painless

Myths About Permanent Makeup

People assume that permanent makeup looks bad after healing. It’s not true. The technology and pigment used earlier were old-school and unhealthy for the skin. Lip blush tattoo is a newer approach to traditional lip tattooing. It makes your lips softer, sheer, and ages well with you as well.

How It Compliments Brown Skin

As brown women, we are exposed to pollution, dust and UV rays. Lips are usually four times thinner than skin. This can cause pigmentation on the edges of our lips, ultimately making us look pale. Lip blush tattoo is revolutionary in the field of lip tattoos. It’s not harsh. It does not sit like a lip liner on the corners. Instead, it gives us a graceful no-makeup makeup look. 

Explore The Fleeting Procedure

Pigments used for tattooing are based on the existing undertones of your natural lips. You can choose a target colour you want on your lips. The outcome is a combination of your undertone and the target colour. 

First- Lay down! Relax! Think of a happy place! 

Second- The artist will draw the shape of your lips with a pen, and define the edges to stay under the outline of your lips. 

Third- After getting the base ready, the saviour comes to play- numbing cream!

Fourth- After application, numbing cream is covered with plastic and left untouched for 20-30 minutes. 

Fifth- The pigment is applied to your lips with a needle. The artist reapplies numbing cream as needed.

Sixth- Moisturised and done! 

The best part is, your lipstick won’t smudge while kissing!