LGBTQ Instagram Accounts That Are Awesome !


The vocabulary of gender was very simple earlier. “M or F”, male or female! Therefore, they were attracted to each other. Now it’s free and open. Love is free . To begin with, more alphabets are added. Along with M and F, we have L,G,B,T,I,Q. Hence there are more love-partner combinations. NOTHING IS FIXED! Neither should be our thoughts.

To understand this concept better and welcome the community warm-heartedly, here are four Instagram pages you must follow.

Humans of Queer

This page is my number one recommendation. Everybody needs to see and appreciate the amazing work they’ve been doing. Besides, they run a section called GUIDE. You will find here: 

“Proud Parents” where parents share stories about their kids “coming out” and accepting them for who they are. It will melt your heart. 

“Queer College Clubs” where they promote seven queer college clubs because they believe “College is the first avenue of expression for a lot of queer youth”.

“Pride Chronicles” tells you beautiful stories of people conquering the challenge of being looked at differently. (MUST READ)

“Queer businesses and entrepreneurs” breaking the misguided stereotype “LGBT can’t be leader and manage work”, this section promotes businesses of people belonging to the Lgbt community.

There’s a lot more to see here.

LGBTQIAP Plus History of India

“Everything happens for a reason”. I strongly believe in this statement. To add to it, I also believe everything that happens is connected to a strong past. That’s exactly the idea behind the existence of this page. They not only promote the LGBTQ community and their rights, they also back it up with an explanation from the past. Every image posted on this page has a compelling caption. In my opinion, this is a persuasive way of supporting the  LGBTQ as it makes more sense.

Nazariya LGBT

Nazariya Lgbt is a community of more than 11k followers. The page is both vocal and image-based. They have beautiful and bold images. You will be amazed to see the message conveyed through these images. I love the element of mockery in them. They keep sharing the details of fun events and workshops. They are active on Instagram and Twitter as well. You must attend these events and show them your support.

Dalit Queer Project

I remember Rani, a fellow learner in my master’s course while writing this. One day, she was late for class. When the professor asked, she sobbed and said, “My parents threw me out because the village I live in is against me living there. They torture my parents because I am gay. Moreover they don’t accept the fact that a “Dalit” must take education”. 

Life is hard for some people. Promoting awareness might be the only thing we can do. Dalit Queer Project brings you such stories. It’s a beautiful page conveying its message through art. “Breaking hetero norms & caste shackles one post at a time”, is the engrossing introduction to their page. It’s a “MUST FOLLOW”.

Embrace and love. These accounts will make you see the joy in so many lives that these pages connect with. They accept that HUMANS ARE BEFORE GENDER AND SEXUALITY. We should do it too !

“Love is never wrong.”

— Melissa Etheridge