With Breastfeeding Week around the corner we are bringing you the best tips all in one blog !

If you are a newbie mom and your reserves seem be getting lesser by the day, worry not ! Firstly, it is so important to know that you are doing great. Stress can be a huge contributor to how your body responds. Not being able to lactate to the needs of your child can put you in a corner. But it is important to know that there is way out.

Lets Get Pumping Here are some tips and tricks :

  • Make sure your baby is latching correctly. So, it stimulates
    your body to supply more milk.
  • Continue breastfeeding as per the definite time intervals.
  • Use breast pumps or compression. This technique is used to maintain the
    flow of milk.
  • You can also try massaging your breast while feeding or even alternate during feeding.
  • Live a healthy lifestyle. Rest your body , get a nap and relax. You got this !
  • Eat and drink as per your dietitians recommendations. Try incorporating oatmeal, leafy greens, garlic, fennel, sesame and fenugreek seeds along with proteins.
  • Hydrate yourself !
  • “Lactation cookies”
    You can eat lactation cookies in your snacks as it is very helpful in boosting
    milk supply. Many lactation cookies are made of galactagogues, which
    improves breast milk production.

While WHO and UNICEF recommend breastfeeding your baby until the age of 6 months, there are other things to consider. It is always best to consult with a lactation expert at your hospital. Sometimes, the lack of enough breast milk can result in your baby missing milestones. At this time, doing what’s best for your baby triumphs recommendations that work for others. Your baby and you are unique to what society thinks its best. Hence, do not stress over what society things, talk to a professional !