FED IS BEST” Debunking Taboos !

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Breastfeeding has huge cultural importance in India. As a result, there is a lot of familial and cultural pressure that comes with it. It’s difficult for new mothers to cope with the initial pressure.

What is Fed Is Best ?

A physician and a lactation consultant have launched a new lobbying campaign called Fed Is Best. Its proponents argue that a lack of knowledge and assistance leaves new parents in the dark about how to feed their kids in the first few weeks of life.

They claim that in certain situations, Deception is placing vulnerable newborns in danger.

LACTATION: The Breast Milk Issue

There are a variety of causes for not producing breast milk after giving delivery, including hormone imbalance, stress, thyroid, and others, but the most important thing to remember is that you are not alone; many women encounter the same problem. We are chastised and made to feel guilty for not providing the kid with the nourishment we want.


Credit : Fed is Best , Christie Del Castillo- Hegyi

The urge to exclusively breastfeed may have a dramatic impact on the mental health of women who are dealing with discomfort, insufficient milk production, injury, tiredness, job responsibilities, and sickness. So, the breast may not be the best in some cases. 

For many parents, supplementing their infant’s diet with formula has shown to be the ideal option rather than simply allowing the baby to feel hungry.


The parents’ aim has always been to provide nutrition to the infant through food and to provide the newborn with the greatest possible care. It’s pointless to force yourself to breastfeed if your body doesn’t let it. 

We commemorate this ages-old method of nourishing a kid since it is International Breastfeeding Week. Everywhere we go, we also encourage healthy breastfeeding.

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