Is Your Body PERFECT ?

Credit : Gaurdian


Body Shaming and internet trolling is disgusting.  They cause sleepless nights for every woman or a teenage girl. It also affects self-esteem and confidence.

Did you get humiliating comments about your body size, shape, weight or height ? Yeah! I also got these nasty opinions. Society makes disparaging jokes about our body. Those ‘other people’ have these sorts of opinions for our body; 

if you are fat then, you ought to lose your weight . They say , ” are you really going to eat all that? If you’re thin, then you are so skinny, and you need to eat and gain some weight. If you are tall then, how tall are you? And if you are short then how short you are?

All Women Are Body Shamed

Credit : Wild cat

From Sumona chakravarti to Sonakshi Singh, these stars also face body shaming everyday .

No matter who you are, your body is the first thing people comment on . From our lips to our hips, body shaming comes smashing right in. It starts early. From the school playground to the college outfit. Nothing seems to matter. You can become one of the highest paid Bollywood celebrity but running from boy shaming is huge.

If you are being told you are too thin, too fat, too chubby then you are being body shammed. It is best to clarify this with the speaker. Incase, that is not possible always!

Social media networks have community policies for ‘being respectful’. To get rid of social media trolling, create your own social media policy. So that you will get reminders of acceptable behavior for posts, comments and shares. In case if someone acts inappropriately, then you can point them back to your policy. 

Ask yourself – Does society have an ideal size chart for our body? Do we really need to follow that size chart?

And are you trying to be fit or to be perfect as per society’s opinion?  Wait!! Really? But why?? We all are God’s creations, and it is obvious that all of us came in different shapes and sizes. We all are different from each other. So how can it be only one perfect size?  We all are perfect.