Idealizing A Woman’s Sacrifice!

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Why does the patriarchal society and internalised misogyny romanticise the sacrifices of women? Still an unanswered question. Well, we will break that down for you. Why are we supposed to have the strength for making sacrifices ingrained in us? 

Calling It Quits

We all are extremely tired of those unhealthy expectations from us. Criticising us for choosing our career over family, abusing us for making decisions for our own lives.

Idealising women and romanticising them for sacrifices that they made because of their own choices is problematic. We don’t want to hear that a woman quit her job to bring up her children hence she is homely. We want to hear about women who worked and brought up their kids side by side.

Sacrifices Are Not Idealistic

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Sacrifices should never be idealized. All those misogynistic people need to realise that sacrifices are not the first choices, that is not what we wanted in the first place. We feel insecure and guilty for choosing our career over other things. Someone being forced into housekeeping from being an accomplished accountant is not awe inspiring. It’s more on the lines of suppression and loss of independence. Why don’t we ever hear someone say, ” Thats a great guy, he left his job and is now a stay at home dad”. He isn’t glorified, then why are women glorified for the same feat.

Contributions Are Applaudable

Women who choose to sacrifice their lives are commendable and can’t be compared with anyone. But it’s not correct to set a benchmark or unreasonable standards for all of us. 

I appreciate every woman out there who let go of their career or things they wanted in life for their family and friends. But it does not mean that they deserve to be praised as the ideal woman rather than someone who stayed with their career. It is shocking how men in this century refuse to grow, nor does society. There are countless times you use her profession to show her off. But there are those moments when you also condemn her for putting her work first.

Men Get The Applause

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Fathers, husbands get more applause for the same sacrifices made by women. Fathers taking care of their kids are commendable but if women do that’s her job. Do people even hear themselves? Husband cooking food is praiseworthy, wife doing the same is her job? How?

Hey there, heard your daughter is well settled. Decent family, its great she gave up her work to take care of everyone ! You must be so proud , you brought her up well ! – says every misogynist.

If she ends up being submissive to these chore’s yet again it’s the men who get the praise.

Daughter, Wife, Mother .

That’s who we are and who we will always be !

We, women, sacrifice so many things as a daughter, wife, and mother. Heroic mothers deal with postpartum depression and anxiety because of these unrealistic expectations. Shall we change the tide, lets make this whats more important – the struggle and the triumph not the submission !