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Are you an introvert? Is socializing not your thing? If yes, let us together tell the world what being an introvert exactly feels like. 

“Introverts live in two worlds: We visit the world of people, but solitude and the inner world will always be our home.”

Jenn Granneman

We introverts relate a lot to this line from “The Secret Lives of Introverts”. Introverted women often get the label of words like shy, dull, or quiet. Sometimes even mean. But these don’t completely define their real personality. Not everyone understands the depth they carry. On the other hand, people find extroverted women full of life and energy. Their ability to socialize makes them dear among people. Being an introvert, I can resonate with women who have this miraculous energy that takes time to come out. Introverts may give you a boring trailer at first. But when you see their whole movie, you’ll realise what a gem they are. Some of the many amazing facts about introverted women are:

Credit : John Spencer

1. They Are Picky When It Comes To People

You better feel lucky to be friends with an introverted woman. They are picky when it comes to making friends. Being around too many people exhausts the energy of an introvert. It’s not like they hate spending time with people. They only like to spend their time with close ones. Sometimes they choose solitude over everyone. So if your introverted friend is saying no to your plans, give them space. Understand you’re special to them despite them canceling plans.

2. They Listen To Understand Not To Reply

Introverts are good listeners. They allow you to speak even if you don’t. As introvert women of color don’t prefer talking too much, they become good listeners. They even listen to the silence. Weird? Not for me. Having someone who listens to your nonsense and emotional talks is such a blessing. With small talks, introverts enjoy deep and meaningful conversations too. Even though they hide their own emotions, they’ll always be there to listen and support their loved ones.

3. Their Company Is Fun 

As we all know, winning over an introvert woman is not an easy task. Once they allow you in their comfort zone, you better be ready for some crazy laughs. Though, it takes time for them to get comfortable around people. But when they open up you’d see a totally opposite personality. A personality that brings everyone laughter and hope. 

To be an introvert is sometimes exhausting. Most of the time, we enjoy solitude and this affects people around us in ways we don’t realize. There are times we even wish to be like extroverts. We wish to express our feelings easily as they do. But above all this, being an introvert has its own perks. We know how to enjoy our own company. We don’t rely on anyone to make us feel good. Think before you speak, that’s exactly what we do. To all my introvert women of color, I want you to remember this line of Susan Cain,

“Don’t think of introversion as something that needs to be cured… Spend your free time the way you like, not the way you think you’re supposed to.”