Henna Vs Hair Coloring

Haircolor and Hair Dye Techniques to eradicate grey hair


Find out what makes Henna a better choice than hair coloring techniques

Grey hair causing you stress, highlights fading away too fast and a whole range of color protection products filling your bathroom cabinets ? This may be your solution. 

Hair color removes moisture in hair follicles which unbalances the natural state of hair vitality. This reduction in moisture leads to dryness and brittle hair ultimately resulting in hair breakage eventually. 

Yet, we flock to salons for a touch up or a new set of highlights. Hair color is the only respite from pesky grey hairs that pop up every two weeks.

But what if I tell you there was another way to deal with the greys and be fashionable without damaging our hair.

Henna Powder : For silky smooth colored hair that is protected.

The way of Henna ! 

Temporary Tattoos and our husbands undying love is validated by the dye from Lawsonia Inermis – The Henna Tree. It also covers all our greys, leaving our hair silky, thick and rich in color.

So why is this better you may ask ?

Henna has the ability to bind to the hair reducing hair breakage and as for damage it goes nowhere near the hair cortex thus leaving our locks beautiful and break free. It is also a natural hair conditioner.

With all its benefits it is a good alternative to hair color. But to be fair, henna can also damage hair if applied incorrectly. Do see a specialist before diving right in and keep in mind perming and hair coloring is quite impossible after henna application.

But if you choose to be a faithful patron to Henna then you are in the right place. A popular tip is to add coffee to the mixture. Apparently the coffee mixes with the henna to give out a richer color to the hair. 

My recommended Henna product is the Biotique Bio Henna Fresh Check out Now – https://amzn.to/33M63iY

Let me know in the comments below or on instagram if you have used Henna in the past and what your pet peeves are with the notion that henna is better than hair color . 

Until next time, keep those gorgeous locks looking their best.