Flattering Lipstick Shades For Brown Women


Lipsticks play a lead role when it comes to makeup. For tons of colors, there are tons of shades. Picking up a perfect lipstick shade that not only complements your look but also skin tone is a tough task. They can either make or break your look! 

Especially for brown girls, choosing the right shade is a real hassle. They often feel dark shades would be too much. And light shades would make them look pale. So which lipstick shade should we keep in our pochette? Well, many brands have come up with a wide range of shades. Making it easier for people of color to get their favorite pick. 

Don’t worry if you’re still struggling with lip shades. We’re here to help you out :

1. Red – Drive Them Wild

Credit : Elle UK

A common and most popular choice of lip shade. It compliments every skin tone. It looks hotter and seductive, especially on brown beauties. While there are different shades of red, we have got your back. Tomato reds are not a great choice and pale reds fail the oomph factor rating. The best way to choose a red is to go deep and dark. Tinges of maroon in your red shade is always a good diversion.

2. Purple- Lets Get Quirky

Credit: ScoobieWest

Purple is the one color that many brown women think they cannot pull off. Here is why we are all wrong. The shade of purple brings out our skin tone is the most subtlest of ways. It can be bold, subtle, playful, sarcastic or just plain jane. You do not have to stick to one feeling with purple. Just don the shade of your choice and match it with fun outfits.

3. Brown- Duh!

Credit : Expres Tribune

Brown for brown women? Yes! It looks alluring. No one slays it better than a dusky complexion woman. There are many nude and dark brown shades to step up your lipstick game. Mented has some fantastic nude shades for women of color. So are Mac and Smashbox. But these could be expensive for some of us. So check out Nykaa, Lakme, Sugar, and Maybelline for a wide range of brown shades. Copper brown, mauve brown, rose brown, and foxy brown all compliment dusky skin women pretty well. 

4.  Pink- All Summer Long

Credit : Vogue

The natural pink nude shade is a shade we all keep in our kits A soft matte finish, pretty pink lip shade can save your day at the office. If you like to party try a glossy pink lip. Nothing says flirty than a pink lip. If you aren’t in the mood to barbie around, you can always go for a mauve pink or deep magenta pink these will let everyone know who the boss is. One thing is for sure though, no matter the shade you can never go wrong with a pink lipstick !

Knowing your undertone is crucial while choosing a lip shade. Not every brown woman has the same skin tone and undertone. Some lip shades might look good on you but not on your friend. Just remember to wear your lip color with confidence. If you are looking to do more with your lipstick check out our Lipstick Hacks article now !