Feminism In The True Sense!

Credit : New York Post


If you think you know the real meaning of Feminism then maybe you are wrong. Most desi people think that feminism is all about hating men. Its perceived as women who think they are superior. Nevertheless, the desi household calls feminism as a sassy or b*chy attitude. To understand the true meaning of feminism you need to understand that it has no relation to hatred or anything negative.

Here Is A Feminist For You

If I ask you who you think is a feminist your answer will be a girl, a woman, or any female right?

But your answer is wrong !

Don’t be shocked that’s the problem with our society. Most of the time we believe what we hear. We assume that feminist is a bad word. But as soon as I grew up I realized the reality of feminism is opposite than those rumors. Anyone who believes in giving equality to women in all aspects of life(socially, politically, and economically) is a feminist. Men who believe in empowering women by giving them equal rights, equal power are also feminists. You don’t have to be ashamed about it. Being a feminist is a matter of pride because you are believing in a women’s potential.

Is It A Myth ?

Feminists support working women and don’t believe in doing household work.

This is definitely a myth we say !

It’s a matter of choice do what you love if you love going to an office that’s your choice. If you choose to be a housewife that is your choice again. No one should get to choose this for us. If you believe in this basic human right, well you are a feminist !

Feminists are angry, spread hate, and are unattractive!

This is by far the most ridiculous of all myths ! Imagine a person who believes men are superior. They assume that only men can solve problems and scale new heights. Keeping this aside, assume a woman now. She is confident that she can take on the same tasks and excel in them. Looking at them from afar is us . Don’t you feel that it viewing both men and women equally is attractive ?

If you do, then well according to this myth you are unattractive , are you now ?

Additionally, it is crucial to understand yes men and women are born differently. A man cannot carry a baby, nor can he menstruate . Not that he should , I mean could he handle it ?

If I were to ask them does it make me pro feminist or just a fact checker ?

Should A Man Support Feminism ?

Well the answer is yes and no !

Are you a male chauvinist who believes in men being the supreme head. Do you feel that women are incompetent to drive a car, manage their finances or start a business.

If this sounds like you then you are a man who is not a feminist. However, a man who understands women and supports her in a equal union is a feminist. Supporting a woman doesn’t make you weak or any less a man, it’s all about thinking.

Supporting one community or person doesn’t mean hating or criticizing the other one. Just because feminism is about equality not hatred.

Sadly, this society is harsh on women. When we call that our we are labelled as feminist . Giving each and everyone the same respect, same rights, and making each other feel the presence of equality .From now on take feminism as a proud word not as a sign of negativity or anger.If You have any other misconceptions or questions about feminism or feminists, write in the comment section below, I would love to answer them.