F.R.I.E.N.D.S – For Every Desi Girl

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On September 22, 1994, a comedy sitcom aired on television called F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Featuring six unique and exemplary characters named Monica, Ross, Rachel, Joey, Phoebe, and Chandler. Living in the heart of New York, these F.R.I.E.N.D.S characters started living in the hearts of people.

Following their lives, many women of color found friendship goals and great tips on relationships. The series went on to last 10 seasons and finally ended in 2004 much to everyone’s dismay. But almost a lifetime away, many of us girls still watch and rewatch episodes. Making it today one of the world’s most watched sitcoms.

But how you may ask does this light banter, deep meaningful sitcom provide us desi girls real life lessons. Keep reading to find out !


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Monica captivates everyone’s heart with her beauty, and passionate obsession for everything perfect. Her character is one, may of us can easily relate to. While in most desi households, brothers get the upper hand on everything, Monica’s life is quite similar. She too comes second to brother Ross. Through her quirkiness and passion for control she teaches us the subtle lessons of discipline and diligence. We can all surely use a leaf from her book.


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Ross is the perfect example of a man everyone brown girl should have in her life. His arguments with Rachel always seem to be pretty serious. Remember the time they were on a break , and we all couldn’t bear it ? Well, that sure did not stop him from loving Rachel with all he has. Through thick and thin, Ross remained steadfast. We all know love is not a fairytale. Yet, Ross tells us being a nerd is okay, having a fight and disagreeing is okay. Ross also teaches us that divorce is not the end of love in life. I think we all have much to take away !


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Rachel is another very strong character that inspires every woman of color. Initially, she seems to be a spoiled rich kid but later on, she teaches us all the importance of being independent and brave enough to take risks for ourselves. She stands on her own feet, makes all her life decisions, and follows her heart. She has a great sense of styling that helps in lifting her career. From working as a waitress in a coffee shop to becoming an executive at Ralph Lauren, her immense career growth inspires everyone.


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Chandler is one of the most loved characters. People love him for his sarcasm.  He uses his humor to escape his emotions ( Aren’t we all lowkey Chandler Bing?).   Chandler is a character with a tough past. He teaches us no matter how hard our life gets, humor will always light up our mood. Laugh at your problems. One more lesson he has for all of us,  it’s never too late to pursue the job you love. He had a lucrative job still he decided to switch it and got the one he truly loves. Although he loves to insult his friends with sarcasm, he has always been there for his friend Joey. I am sure he inspires the girl gang in all of us.


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Every woman needs a Phoebe within her. Don’t let society change you. Be yourself. Be weird, be crazy, be honest. I personally love the way she is. Such a free-spirit soul and so straightforward. She says whatever she feels like and never shies away from honesty. She teaches us to be unashamed of our choices, interests, work, and everything that makes us. Phoebe tells us no matter how messed up your life is there is always a way to make a living. 

If all us brown girls became a Phoebe I think we can unapologetically grab the world by its horns and never look back !


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Joey is the complete opposite of Ross when it comes to love. Ladies, if you have a Joey in your life you may want to get your notebook out. Joey is known to be quite the womanizer and yet sensitive. While he struggles to follow his dreams, he teaches us the importance of friendship above all. He reaches his goal of becoming an actor, all while taking life like a breeze. After all shouldn’t we all have a MOO to the world. But if you are dating a Joey, know this. Joey will always be a Joey. If you are ready to handle his slow witted romance once in awhile with other gals, stay put!! 

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All these characters take pride in being themselves. They all have differences and still manage to stay together. They fight with each other and for each other. They go through ups and downs together. One’s problem is everyone’s problem and one’s celebration is everyone’s celebration. 

I am sure us brown girls have much to take away from this sitcom. If you are already a fan of any of these characters don’t forget to comment down below !