Luscious Lashes On The Go!


There is nothing that a pair of good lashes can’t fix. Over the last couple of years, lash fashion is on the rise. From colored lashes to faux wide lashes there is no genre of lashes that aren’t available in the market. However, ‘falsies’ as we call them are not everyone’s cup of tea.

It takes some of us tons of practise to master the art of putting on falsies. The mix of glue, shaky hands and no expertise can lead to a lash disaster in public. One we all aim never to have. But once we get the hang of the application process there is no going back.

However, if you are still struggling with false lashes, there is a way out! We have got you when it comes to getting that lash game on.

Eyelash Extension

These are semi-permanent lashes. Imagine having the option of choosing how long and thick lashes you want. Isn’t that great? Eyelash extensions are a great alternative for long lashes. The millennial beauty elite has become quite fond of semi-permanent lashes which are attached to your natural lashes. A growing trend in permanent make-up, such as lip blushing and eyebrow microblading has made eyelash extensions more popular.

Eyelash extensions come with both pros and cons. So, don’t decide to get this done just because of its popularity. It’s essential to study your syllabus before you sit in the exam. Below is a quick guide to help you understand how it’s done and what are the pros and cons of these semi-permanent lashes.


Firstly, it requires consultation as per your needs and desires. Clear all your doubts before you land on the decision of getting this done. Understand the potential risks. Do talk about the budget before booking your appointment. Get a clear thought about what type, size, the volume of extension you want to have. Once you have all this sorted and want to get them done here is how the procedure goes :

A lash specialist will add tapes in your undereye to protect your lower lashes. Then they clean your natural lashes. With the help of a tweezer-like tool, the specialist will glue lash extensions on your natural lashes. It’s done very precisely and can take up to 2 hours. After that, they will let the glue dry before removing the tapes. Bravo! There’ll be your final look. They can last up to 6 weeks if taken care of.

Pros and Cons

After it’s all done and dusted, 

– You’ll have long and fluttery lashes. 

– No need for mascara or faux lashes.

– Save your time by minimizing your eye make-up routine.

– Enhance your eye shape and facial features

– They are non-invasive and perfectly safe if done perfectly by professional 

Some of the common disadvantages would be

– It’s expensive and requires high maintenance

– Any missteps can cause damage to your natural lashes 

– Eye infection is possible due to unsanitary tools

Eyelash Perm

Many call it lash lifts as well. Since both aim for the same. The rise of lash lifts and eyelash perms has made us get rid of applying mascara every day. Also waking up with curled and lifted lashes can now be a reality. 

It’s a chemical-based process. Eyelash perming is used to lift and curl your natural lashes. It’s a painless and quick process. The eyelash technician applies a shield onto the eyelid. It is the only thing attached to our skin with the help of glue. Then they curl it with the help of a tiny brush. When your lashes get adhered to the shield, they separate them individually.

Then they apply the perm solution, after a few minutes they wipe it off. And then, they put a setting solution (neutralizer), to avoid over-processing. This whole procedure of eyelash perm can take upto 30 to 45 minutes. Important reminder- – Don’t get this done if you’re on any eye medication.

It’s really important to make sure the person performing this treatment is experienced and knowledgeable. Before you place an appointment, be aware of do’s and don’ts. Because no one wants to mess up their lashes! As that would be horrifying and hilarious at the same time.

Some of the things you should avoid doing after getting eyelash perm done:

– Don’t apply mascara for the first 24 hours

– Avoid rubbing eyes, contact with water or facial treatment for the first day

– Don’t perform lash perm at home. It’s a no! no!

Now you know what you can do for your love of long lashes. If you want to look bomb all night and day, you may consider any of these options. Let your eye(lash) do the talking. So whenever you give someone a stare, they will stand in awe. 

Disclaimer : We do not suggest either eyelash perm or extensions. Please consult with the technicians to ensure that you won’t have any allergic reactions from the procedure.