“Egg Freezing” Can This Save Your Career !

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If you are a career oriented woman, or haven’t found “the one” yet, or simply don’t want to get married right now, you don’t need to worry about your future fertility. The marriage market of India sells itself based on multiple reasons. Becoming a mother is a personal choice. Selling marriage on grounds of motherhood is absolutely pointless. I am 24, hellbound to be childless. I might want one in my 40’s. Getting married and then deciding could be the worst decision of my life. So what do I do? EGG-FREEZING is your answer !

What is Egg Freezing?

It is a kind of insurance policy for women who want to delay motherhood. It allows you to get into a comfortable spot financially before becoming a mother. Egg Freezing provides the control you must have over your own body. Women are looking for assisted reproductive technology to help them beat their biological clock. Or atleast to press the snooze button to buy some time. 

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The process starts with a woman coming in for a consultation. Doctors examine her general health and fertility health. She is then given some fertility drugs through injections. This process is done for 4 to 5 days. She is then called for an ovary scan where the number of eggs is counted. After 10 days of fertility injections, the eggs are full sized and ready to release. The eggs are then extracted through the vagina. Before the eggs are ready to be frozen, they are allowed to rest in the incubators. Incubators are duplicated to behave like the inside of a woman’s body. The eggs are then vitrified, which is a flash-freeze process. They are then put into long term cryopreservation, for as long as the lady likes.

The Catch :

One of the most important things is that young women making reproductive decisions are fully advised and informed. The commercialization of egg freezing is controversial. Some organisations are trying to persuade women by making them fearful that they are not going to be able to give birth naturally. It’s a hard sell! 

Not to mention that even with the option of freezing eggs there is still an expiry date. This is for your uterus of course. Egg Freezing only works when you are far from menopause. Waiting till the last minute does not guarantee you motherhood.

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Also, this option is not just to avoid marriage or save a career, but also a medical option for those who are trying to get pregnant and worried about being to late in their journey.

Whatever you’re case maybe, consulting a fertility expert is always the best option. We just provide the advice and information. The decision has to come from you and in the end it is what works best for your bodies as well. So connect with a fertility doctor and discuss your options.