Does Matriarchy define “Women’s Strength”

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Matriarchy is the term which is used parallel to the Patriarchy. However both are different concepts.

Both of the terms elucidate the systems, societies, families, led by men or by women.
“Patriarchy” is a social system that provides power and control to men. A system in which
men make the rules and women stay at home and take care of their children.
On the other hand, “Matriarchy” is a social system which gives power and control to women
rather than men.

Here are some matriarchal societies around the world;


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In India, there are very few places remaining which have matriarchal communities. And
Meghalaya is one of them. Khasi people are indigenous tribe of Meghalaya. Their children
received their mother’s surname and men took care of the children.

Minangkabau (Indonesia)

The Minangkabau community treats women with excessive respect. Under this community,
Daughters receive the family name from their mothers. And they have the right to inherit the
family property.

Mosou (China)

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Under the Mosou community, children belong to their mother’s family. Every decision related
to the household is taken by the female members.

With these communities, Birbri (Costa Rica), Garo (India), Akan (Ghana), Umoja (Kenya),
Palawan (Philippines) also came in the category of matriarchal societies.

Now the question arises; Does Matriarchy define Women’s Strength or is it
positively impacting women’s health?

Various research shows that the women living in matriarchal society are healthier and happier
than the women under the patriarchal society. So, yes matriarchal society is better for
women’s health. And it also defines the women’s strength as women have taken all the
responsibilities and they control and manage all the household related things.

Let us consider which is better: Patriarchal or Matriarchal society?

Matriarchal society is better than patriarchal society, as it supports women empowerment.
But we should create that society or community which promotes gender equality. Patriarchy
and Matriarchy, both ignore gender equality.