Does Drinking Milk Increase Acne ?


“Drink your milk” she said, you will grow up into a beautiful strong woman. We all know that Mummy knows best, yet could her advice be wrong ? Dermatologist have often claimed that milk has anti ageing properties. Not to mention, increases skin elasticity. So is it really possible that milk can be the barrier to glowing skin.

Yes and No !

Milk has some amazing properties which do more than just make your skin subtle and young. Drunk in right amounts can be quite beneficial. However, all of this heavily depends on the skin type you have and where you are located around the world.

Most milk from cows in India contain casein and whey protein. The two ingredients that cause an increase in sebum. Sebum is none other than oil. People with dry skin can heavily benefit from the excess production of sebum. However, acne prone oily skin girls are sure to have a problem. The excess production of oil leads to clogged pores which result in acne.

If you do not reside in India, you would have to check what type of milk you stock up on. Choosing milk that does not contain whey protein and casein will reduce your sebum production. You can also try purchasing milk that has vitamin C. This can add loads of benefits for your skin.

This is however not the only reason that milk could be bad for acne prone skin. If you are lactose intolerant, you are likely have a break out.

How to Deal with Acne & Drink Milk too

If you love drinking milk, and would like to continue here are some hacks to reduce acne:

  1. Wash your face regularly.
  2. Find a best suited pore minimizing toner
  3. Add Omega 3 rich foods to your diet.
  4. Do not over wash, or overuse oil controlling creams.
  5. Use a mattifying primer and setting spray

Hope this helps beauties.